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My Internet Home 🏠

James sitting in a coffee shop, happily staring at a cup of coffee.

Hello! I'm James Gallagher (jamesgoca). I like to make websites and code in my free time.

I am the Technical Content Manager at Career Karma. I have been programming since I was young and I've always been interested in how technology can solve real world problems. Building websites and writing are my main skills. I like thinking about technology, privacy, tech ethics, and coffee.

I love getting email. Send me an email at if you want to chat. My PGP key is available here. My code is on GitHub.

Blog Posts 📝

I like to write. Below are some of the articles I have written.

  • Owning a Raspberry Pi

    Posted on: | Technology

    I’ve gone through about three topic ideas. This is the last time I am changing my mind. When I get tired, I lose the energy to think of great topics. This is my blog. Sometimes I’ll write posts on a whim because I want to keep writing. I just thought that buying a Raspberry Pi may be one of the best investments I’ve made this year. I feel good about this because I was initially hesitant to purchase a Pi. If I had not have went through with the decision, I’d have not been able to build some of the projects I have worked on over the last few weeks.

  • Setting Up My Raspberry Pi

    Posted on: | Technology

    I want to talk about a project I undertook yesterday. I set up my Raspberry Pi with a new SD card. I do not presently have the energy to think of a more interesting topic. These last few days have been tough. It happens sometimes. We all have days when we are not quite ourselves. This is a blog, not my journal, so I don’t want to get bogged down in the details of reality. Here, I write about technology and coffee. To the story!

  • How I Design for Accessibility

    Posted on: | Web

    I just finished an accessibility audit on my site. There is only one flag that is raised by Axe, the accessibility validator I use. I believe I can ignore that flag. It relates to the arrows that I use for my webrings. I do not believe the suggestion impacts the quality or accessibility of my website. I am proud to say that I’ve resolved many accessibility issues over the last few weeks.

  • Building a Weather Station

    Posted on: | Web

    At this week’s Homebrew Website Club meeting, we had a discussion about Raspberry Pis. Most of the people in attendance had a Raspberry Pi. We all showed each other our Pis and where we had them set up. It was fascinating. I had to admit to everyone that my Pi has been sitting lonely in a drawer for a while. I haven’t done much with it. I have a Sense HAT. The Sense Hat sits on top of the Pi.

  • My Website Hosting Journey

    Posted on: | Web

    My website has been hosted on a number of platforms over the years. Last year was my year of using CMS tools to publish my website. I used WordPress initially because it was easy for me to set up. I wanted a website over which I had more control and WordPress looked like a good option. At the time, I was not as comfortable with web development as I am now. I could build a website but I didn’t feel ready to create my blog from scratch.

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Geek Code 👓

You're a total geek if you can read the below Geek Code without a translation table! Feel free to open one up for a few facts about me (i.e. tv-- means I do not watch nor have a television).

Version: 3.1
GTW d+ s:- a--- C+$ U+ P L+ !E- W+++$ !N-- !o-- K-? !w-- !O M++ V? !PS !PE !Y
PGP+ !t !5 !X !R tv-- b+ DI !D G e- h-- !r y?
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ 

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