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James' Coffee Blog β˜•

About Me πŸ‘‹

Hello! I'm James (also capjamesg). My pronouns are he/him. I live in Scotland, UK. This is my blog.

I am a home brewer. I am presently brewing with the Aeropress, the Kalita Wave, the Chemex, the Flair espresso maker, and the V60. I like to try new coffees when possible, which I review on this blog.

Here, I share my thoughts on all things coffee, from beans I am drinking to some of my home experiments. I also interview people who work in coffee, with a particular emphasis on people who work in the Scottish coffee industry.

I sometimes write about websites and web development. My email address is jamesg@jamesg.blog.

James sitting in a coffee shop, happily staring at a cup of coffee.

Blog Posts πŸ“

Below are the most recent articles I have written.

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