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Site Statistics: July 2020

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A few days ago I created a script that calculates the size of my website. I talk a lot on this blog about how I believe in minimal web design. I have provided the most recent output from this project below.

You can view the site statistics calculator script on my GitHub.

Site Report: July 2020


Total Size (Kb): 193.0
Average File Size (Kb): 6.43
Total Size (Mb): 0.188481
Average File Size (Mb): 0.006283


File Name: resume.html
Size in Bytes: 3068
Size in Kilobytes: 3.0
Size in Megabytes: 0.002926
Size with Styles (Kb): 3.68

File Name: blog.html
Size in Bytes: 7741
Size in Kilobytes: 7.56
Size in Megabytes: 0.007382
Size with Styles (Kb): 8.24

File Name: index.html
Size in Bytes: 2372
Size in Kilobytes: 2.32
Size in Megabytes: 0.002262
Size with Styles (Kb): 3.0

File Name: contact.html
Size in Bytes: 1662
Size in Kilobytes: 1.62
Size in Megabytes: 0.001585
Size with Styles (Kb): 2.3

File Name: 404.html
Size in Bytes: 1205
Size in Kilobytes: 1.18
Size in Megabytes: 0.001149
Size with Styles (Kb): 1.86

File Name: identity.html
Size in Bytes: 4647
Size in Kilobytes: 4.54
Size in Megabytes: 0.004432
Size with Styles (Kb): 5.22

File Name: projects.html
Size in Bytes: 3449
Size in Kilobytes: 3.37
Size in Megabytes: 0.003289
Size with Styles (Kb): 4.05

File Name: blog_history.html
Size in Bytes: 4906
Size in Kilobytes: 4.79
Size in Megabytes: 0.004679
Size with Styles (Kb): 5.47

File Name: links.html
Size in Bytes: 2956
Size in Kilobytes: 2.89
Size in Megabytes: 0.002819
Size with Styles (Kb): 3.57

File Name: 2020/07/20/documenting-my-code.html
Size in Bytes: 6614
Size in Kilobytes: 6.46
Size in Megabytes: 0.006308
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.14

File Name: 2020/07/18/building-the-garfield-cli.html
Size in Bytes: 6683
Size in Kilobytes: 6.53
Size in Megabytes: 0.006373
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.21

File Name: 2020/07/11/accessibility.html
Size in Bytes: 8781
Size in Kilobytes: 8.58
Size in Megabytes: 0.008374
Size with Styles (Kb): 9.26

File Name: 2020/07/16/open-source-software.html
Size in Bytes: 7168
Size in Kilobytes: 7.0
Size in Megabytes: 0.006836
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.68

File Name: 2020/07/17/trust-in-software.html
Size in Bytes: 7394
Size in Kilobytes: 7.22
Size in Megabytes: 0.007051
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.9

File Name: 2020/07/10/internet-self-sufficiency.html
Size in Bytes: 8864
Size in Kilobytes: 8.66
Size in Megabytes: 0.008453
Size with Styles (Kb): 9.34

File Name: 2020/07/21/simple-websites.html
Size in Bytes: 6718
Size in Kilobytes: 6.56
Size in Megabytes: 0.006407
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.24

File Name: 2020/07/24/raspberry-pi-sense-hat.html
Size in Bytes: 5698
Size in Kilobytes: 5.56
Size in Megabytes: 0.005434
Size with Styles (Kb): 6.24

File Name: 2020/07/23/writing-for-the-command-line.html
Size in Bytes: 6854
Size in Kilobytes: 6.69
Size in Megabytes: 0.006536
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.37

File Name: 2020/07/15/designing-simple-websites.html
Size in Bytes: 6869
Size in Kilobytes: 6.71
Size in Megabytes: 0.006551
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.39

File Name: 2020/07/12/hand-coded-html.html
Size in Bytes: 8785
Size in Kilobytes: 8.58
Size in Megabytes: 0.008378
Size with Styles (Kb): 9.26

File Name: 2020/07/13/text-only-websites.html
Size in Bytes: 6057
Size in Kilobytes: 5.92
Size in Megabytes: 0.005776
Size with Styles (Kb): 6.6

File Name: 2020/07/14/keeping-backups.html
Size in Bytes: 5982
Size in Kilobytes: 5.84
Size in Megabytes: 0.005705
Size with Styles (Kb): 6.52

File Name: 2020/07/22/bandwidth-conservation.html
Size in Bytes: 6739
Size in Kilobytes: 6.58
Size in Megabytes: 0.006427
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.26

File Name: 2020/07/25/site-statistics-july-2020.html
Size in Bytes: 4960
Size in Kilobytes: 4.84
Size in Megabytes: 0.00473
Size with Styles (Kb): 5.52

File Name: 2020/07/25/mirroring-my-code-to-sourcehut.html
Size in Bytes: 7116
Size in Kilobytes: 6.95
Size in Megabytes: 0.006786
Size with Styles (Kb): 7.63

File Name: 2020/06/20/web-directories.html
Size in Bytes: 9428
Size in Kilobytes: 9.21
Size in Megabytes: 0.008991
Size with Styles (Kb): 9.89

File Name: 2020/06/16/web-pages-are-canvases.html
Size in Bytes: 13945
Size in Kilobytes: 13.62
Size in Megabytes: 0.013299
Size with Styles (Kb): 14.3

File Name: 2020/06/17/breaking-up-with-the-tech-giants.html
Size in Bytes: 15115
Size in Kilobytes: 14.76
Size in Megabytes: 0.014415
Size with Styles (Kb): 15.44

File Name: 2020/06/19/surfing-the-net.html
Size in Bytes: 15166
Size in Kilobytes: 14.81
Size in Megabytes: 0.014463
Size with Styles (Kb): 15.49

File Name: assets/css/styles.css
Size in Bytes: 695
Size in Kilobytes: 0.68
Size in Megabytes: 0.000663
Size with Styles (Kb): 1.36

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