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An Email from a Reader

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I do not consciously check my personal emails. I am seldom expecting anything to come through. This morning I was greeted with a surprise in my inbox. A reader had written in to thank me for linking to their blog. I was excited to see the name of the person who had written this email because it was one of their blog posts that inspired me to more deeply consider making a minimalist site.

I have never expected any reader to send me an email. You can come here and browse; there’s no need to interact. I purposefully decided not to add comments to this site. It would be nice to hear the thoughts of my readers. The trouble is that comments introduce a lot of complexity into a website. This site is statically generated. To implement comments I would have to either move to a dynamic site or embed some JavaScript code. Neither are acceptable.

The Thrill of an Email

This email means a lot to me for a few reasons. It shows me that there are people who read this blog. The only trace of user data I have for this website is stored on the web server in the form of server logs. I could parse through them to see how many people have viewed each page. I do not want to do that because it doesn’t make any difference to me whether people read what I write. I just like writing.

Someone taking the time to read through one of my blog posts and write an email to me about it reminds me that I am adding value in some way to the world. That person may very well be the only person who reads this blog. Knowing that I have given someone a good read for a few minutes of their day gives me an extra boost of confidence in my writing skills. I’m so happy that someone could get a use out of what I have been thinking about.

This email reaffirms my belief in no tracking whatsoever, no exceptions. I don’t need to add in comments to know that there are people who may get value out of my content. Comments would only make this web page heavier. I strive to make every web page as light as possible.

Write to Me

This post is somewhat celebratory. Someone has read my blog! It is also a call for you to write to me if you would like to chat. I provide my email address on my contact page for those who are interested in talking with me. My PGP key is provided if you would like to talk over encrypted email. I would prefer that you sent a plain text email and kept it quite short. The shorter the email, the easier it will be for me to respond (unless you use your few words to ask some complicated question that I cannot help but answer!)

Static websites can still promote thoughtful discourse. It’s just a matter of making myself available to the world for those who want to chat. I’m here, waiting and listening. If you have any thoughts on this blog, email me. I do not like to write meta posts often, but this one is the exception. I really do want to hear what people think about this blog.

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