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Cold Brew

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In a departure from my traditional blog posts, I have decided to spend some time talking about cold brew. I have loved coffee for a long time. It was not exactly love at first sip. After my first coffee, it took me years to return to the drink. For a long while, I was a full-time tea devotee. Today I have consumed two cups of decaf tea.

I went out to my local coffee shop this afternoon with the intention of buying a latte. I do not have lattes as often as other coffees and so it was me being a little adventurous. When I arrived at the store, I decided that I wanted to try something new. A cold brew sounded tempting.

It’s an unusually warm day here in the UK. I just informed my coworkers of this in Slack. A cold brew is fitting. It was my first foray into the new drink.

On my first sip, I was… perplexed. I could taste coffee but it was different than any other coffee I have ever tasted. I’m not sure how to describe it. With every subsequent sip, the flavors became clearer. My taste buds were enlightened.

I am pleased with the choice I made to have a cold brew coffee. Here in the UK, you never know how the weather will turn. I’m happy I had one while the weather was appropriate. Would I have one again? Absolutely. I would drink one even on a colder day (although the cup was very cold indeed).

What appeals to me about the cold brew coffee is that it is pure coffee. Other coffees, like lattes, are a bit more complicated. A cold brew has its own complicated process for coming to fruition. Yet, once it is brewed, it is a matter of pouring some milk in with the coffee and adding ice.

Out of ten, I would rate the cold brew an eight. A wonderful summer drink.

I would also like to take a moment to share why I am writing this on my blog. This is my web log. My life is not just about software and Unix and everything else that I talk about. If you spent a day with me you would find that software is only part of my life. I cannot spend all my time thinking about tech. I need a balance. I’m here today to share with you a fact from my day; a new coffee I tried.

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