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GitHub License Checker

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I’ve been working on a few little scripts that scratch my itches. These scripts are not necessarily big enough to be their own Git repositories. I created one for my recent XXIIVV webring searcher command line interface. The script itself was only a few lines of code. I do not think I need a full repository for it. Nonetheless, I made one.

A few moments ago, I wondered how many GitHub repositories I have that do not have licenses. This is important to me because I want other people to use my code that I put on GitHub and sourcehut. There shouldn’t be a doubt in anyone’s mind that they can use most of my projects.

That’s why I decided to create a simple script that checks whether my repositories have a license and tells me if they do not.

I did not want to create a GitHub Gist to share this script. I feel like that would make me too dependent on GitHub. I believe sourcehut has an alternative but I’m not in the mood to explore a new platform. I’ll just use this blog.

For those who are interested, you can view the script I used to check for licenses below:

import requests
import json

repos = requests.get("")

final_repos = repos.json()

# Check for licenses

for r in final_repos:
	if r["license"] == None:
		print("{} does not have a file.".format(r["full_name"]))

You should replace YOUR_USERNAME with your GitHub username. You do not need to be authenticated to use this script unless you want to search through private repositories. Read more on the GitHub documentation website. I used a slightly outdated version of their documentation but it still works. Take note of this if you plan to build upon this script.

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