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Taking a Break

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I have difficulty taking breaks. I’m the kind of person who tries to do things when they are eating lunch and breakfast. This morning I successfully installed MTG Arena onto my Mac. I am not sure whether I’ll go ahead and play it. I installed it anyway. It was on my to-do list.

Taking a longer break has been difficult. I’ve been off work the last three days and I have the weekend ahead of me. It’s the longest break I have had this year. This is significant because last year I was working on the basis of term time. As a student, I had weeks off every year. I have not had that luxury as I have been working. It’s not a bad thing. I enjoy work. I do know that I need to take a break.

I have struggled these last few days to take what you would call a real break. I’m doing it my own way. I have ideas in my mind as to what I want to do. None of them are particularly solid. I’ve not accomplished a lot. That’s fine. This is a break for me to do what I want.

Catching Up

Amidst what is going on in the world, I’ve been somewhat afraid to engage in regular communication with people outside of my work and family. The closer to home I am, the better. Being off has given me a chance to re-engage with a few people who I used to talk with regularly.

I sent emails to two friends earlier this week. I have received a response from both of them. Despite how we last spoke months ago, it seems like we still have the same electricity as before. I would say that I am more comfortable talking with them now. We’re talking by email. There are no expectations. I have been clear that when they receive an email they can respond at their own leisure.

That’s what I like about email. I can write at my own pace. Emails can sit in my inbox for days and I’ll get to them later. This is part of the “slow web” to which I ascribe. The web is about communicating and sharing information. I like to be in control when I utilize the web. I feel most in control when using email.

Sprucing Up This Site

I am making a few changes to this site. Yesterday I mentioned how I wanted to make it a bit more creative. I’ve since changed my mind, at least partially. I have removed the confusing background with an encoded message. I have stipped away a few of the styles I have added. I have left a few changes. There is now a teal colored background on the site. The box in which the content for this site appears has a gray border.

When I do not have any other projects to work on, I come back to this site. My website changes so often because I change a lot. I’m young and my mind is always switching. That’s why you will probably notice that some days I write about one view and the next day my views may have changed. I like this because my site becomes a living reflection of who I am.

Today I changed the structure of my site. I have moved the blog feed to the homepage. That means that you’ll be able to find my best posts even easier. I’ve moved what was the index.html page to the About page. I have added in a few new facts. If you’re really geeky, you can derive more value from the about page by translating my Geek Code.

Away Time

I’ve been away from my computer a bit. I admit that work has come to mind a few times. I’ve checked Slack and let myself get absorbed into my work a little bit. It’s fine. I am not used to this. After working for so long, it’s hard for me to take a break.

In this time, I’ve been with family. I have visited a few neighboring towns. It has been excellent to get out of my regular routines and just be, without having technology present. I do love technology. I’ve made a career out of it. I also recognize that technology can only comprise a certain amount of my day. After a point, I get tired. I want to do something else.

This away time is letting me rekindle some interests and build new ones. I’m going to start brewing my own coffee at home. I am excited. I’m doing some reading into the history of coffee. I must say that I am doing this at a rather slow pace but it is happening. I’m also just thinking. There’s a lot going on in the world right now. There’s a lot going on in my head. This break lets me step back and see my life in perspective. I’m still here though, blogging away.

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