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Aeropress Blend Number One

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I brewed my first coffee with an Aeropress. My Aeropress came in the post yesterday and as soon as I got it I was excited. Who am I kidding. I was excited even before I got it. This post is being written with some caffeine in my system. I’ve limited myself to one cup so far.

My initial attraction to the Aeropress was its simplicity. I’m not interested in buying expensive equipment for a hobby that I have just started working on. After some initial research it seemed like the Aeropress offered everything that I would need. I could get beans from my store compatible with the Aeropress that I would not need to grind. The Aeropress is cost efficient. With all this in mind, I decided to purchase one.

Getting Set Up

My journey with the Aeropress began days before it arrived. I have been reading about how to brew coffee with an Aeropress to prepare. I watched a few videos on how to use an Aeropress. I just watched videos that lasted under two or so minutes. I wanted to have some prior knowledge of the Aeropress so that my first coffee would be at least half-decent.

A few days ago, I purchased some beans from my local Sainsbury’s. There are so many options online and I want to take my adventures into the world of coffee one step at a time. I figure that I’ll change my beans soon. I’ve ordered some from a local roastery that’s within twenty miles of where I live. I’m going to compare this coffee to the one I bought from Sainsbury’s when it arrived. The blend I’m drinking now is Cafe Direct (3). It’s a smooth blend.

On the day that the Aeropress arrived, I opened the box and read all the guidance on the sides. I can brew four different types of coffee with my Aeopress: American coffee, espresso-style, latte, and cold brew. I decided that my first challenge should be cold brew. I had one a few weeks ago from my local Costa Coffee and I was immediately hooked. The weather is still good here in Scotland (for now) and I think I should make the most of the weather by having a seasonally-appropriate coffee drink.

Brewing the First Coffee

Reading in advance how to use the Aeropress was undoutably a good thing. When I started, I did feel a bit stressed. What if I messed up the coffee? What if I did not use my Aeropress correctly? Those thoughts quickly dissapated as I began to make my coffee.

My first challenge: a cold brew coffee. I opted to have whole milk with mine because it was what was in the fridge. I am likely going to buy some almond milk to have with my coffee. Almond milk is my preferred milk of choice when I have coffee.

In hindsight, there are a few changes that I would make to my brewing process. First, I did not stir for a minute before I pressed down on the Aeropress. I did not do this because I did not have a stopwatch nearby. My FitBit strap broke and so I’ve not been wearing it lately. I could have used my phone actually. Oh! the benefits of hindsight. I do not think this hindered the coffee. I’d just like to do it the way that Aeropress recommends.

In fact, that’s the only change I would make. I am happy with everything else that I did. I’m going to try to get into the habit of washing my Aeropress as soon as I use it. The Aeropress is currently next to the dish rack. I’ve not yet had the chance to wash it. I’ll get to it soon.

My coffee tasted just like the one I had at Costa. It was somewhat bitter but not too bitter. It was smooth. I wanted more and more. Next time, I may have more ice with my coffee and reduce the amount of tap water I put in after I have brewed the coffee. I’d also love a mason jar so that I can see the milk brewing into the coffee. It was amazing to see this process happen as I poured the milk into my mug.

My Next Journey

I would like to practice cold brews a few more times before I move onto a new challenge. I’m going to try a black cold brew and a cold brew with almond milk to see how the taste differs. I’m going to take some more detailed tasting notes so that I can keep track of my progress.

I’ve not felt as excited about something in a long time. I love coffee! For those who are curious, here is how my first cup turned out:

A photo of my first home-brewed cold brew

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