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Post-publication note: Please print this website responsibly.

A few weeks ago, I came across a website that recommends that you print out its contents for later reading. I cannot remember the source of the website otherwise I would link to it in this post.

What I like about the idea of printing a website is that there is no temptation to go and look for another site to visit in the middle of reading an article. I admit that I am guilty of trying to multitask when I read. It’s something I am working on; a product of spending so much time on the internet, perhaps.

If you see an article on this website that you would like to print for later, please feel free to do so.

CSS Style Changes

There is a media tag called print in CSS that lets me assign styles that are only visible to people who are going to print out a webpage. I learned about this tag after reading about Low Tech Magazine’s efforts to create a low-tech website.

I like the idea of having styles specifically for people who want to print my website. My site is already simple but if you are printing it out there are a few features, like the navigation bar, that are impractical to have on paper.

I have kept my printer styles simple so that the CSS style sheet for this site does not grow to be too verbose. I still ascribe to the principles I set forth in my proclamation for the Bandwidth Conservation Society. I believe that websites should be designed for usability first.

Before these changes, my site did not cater to an audience that I had not thought about: people who want to print my work for later. If you desire an analog reading experience, I am happy to accommodate you.

For those interested, here is how an article looks that is viewed in print mode:

My website viewed in printer mode featuring a blog post with two columns of text.

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