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Living More Sustainably

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I have lived a somewhat minimal life for a while. I’ve never been one for extravagence. It was only recently that I have started purchasing more goods. I’ve been investing in making my workspace more aesthetically pleasing. In doing so, I have felt somewhat guilty at some of my purchases. I bought a new mechanical keyboard which, if I am being honest, is noisy and impractical. I have purchased a replacement strap for my Fitbit that I no longer use.

I am not familiar with the intricacies of climate change. I do know that the way in which I consume products has a direct impact on the environment. Today alone, my family threw out a box of strawberries and three peppers. In the past, I would let this go. Today I feel differently about this topic. I feel like I should be doing more to live a sustainable life. I may not be able to aspire change at a political level but I can do my bit.


There are a few items I have that sit idle. I have a few books on my window ledge that just sit there. They are for aesthetics. Books should not be for aesthetics. I am sure that someone could get a use out of the books I own. Many have not been read. I’ve purchased them out of interest in a topic that has never came to fruition. I want to give them to other people.

I have just contacted a friend about donating my Raspberry Pi to my local high school. I know that they needed them last year. I suspect they may get some use out of mine. I do not use it. I do not want to keep something that I do not use.

Buying Less

On the topic of recycling, I think I need to do more to buy less. I’m not very comfortable with buying items that I do not absolutely need. My room does not presently have a blind on the window. I do not need one where I live. Although I’ve been considering getting one it just seems wasteful. Why should I buy something that I do not absolutely need?

I am going to do the same with food. Whereas I may sometimes eat out if I want a change, I’m going to try to use more of the foods that are in my house. I know that I’ll never be able to eat everything that comes into our house. I live with a family of four and it is hard for us all to estimate what we are going to eat. I’ll do my bit and eat the fruit and vegetables that I see lying around which may go bad in a few days.

I want to reduce my life to the bare essentials. It’s not just because I know that our climate is being harmed. I want to live a simpler life because I am sick and tired of the modern abstract problems that I face. I bought a new keyboard. It does not sync up as quickly as my past, perfectly functional, keyboard did. I’ve introduced more complexity in my life that I do not need.

Looking back on my purchase of an iPhone last year, I regret it. I’ve spent so many nights starting into the blue screen to no end. I’ve kept searching for more to read when I could have been going to sleep. I only got out of this habit a month or two ago.


I have not thought about plastics until now. They’re ubiquitious. I have grown up in a world where plastics are everywhere. Do I need them? In most cases, no. I could get by without plastics in my life. I just started reading about the impact of single-use plastics on the environment. There are turtles whose stomachs contain plastic. That’s mad. Why is this acceptable? To do my part, I’m going to continue to opt for reusable bags and take them where I go. I’ve purchased a reusable cup which I’m going to take when I want to get a coffee to go from a coffee shop.

My Needs Are Minimal

I do not need much in my life. I would say that I could package most of what I need into a backpack. I would ideally take my laptop, my hair comb, some food, a change of clothes, and a few other things if I was travelling. Not that I want to travel. That’s just what I would envision taking. I wear the same clothes for multiple days in a row. I try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as I can.

I’m not one for having opinions. I just know that so many of the things that harm the environment also harm me in some ways. I started eating more fruit and vegetables because I was tired reading about the sugar and fat contents in many of the foods I ate. I’m starting to think more about the environment because I have no idea where the world will be if individuals like me do not change. I’ll keep you all updated on my journey into sustainability. I suspect that this will be a long transition; I’m not going to change overnight.

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