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Cleaning the Cupboards

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It’s a Saturday. You would think that I would have a lot of ideas on what to code. I do, but I do not feel like building any of them. I have tired with many of the IndieWeb ideas I have. I may revisit them but I need a bit of a rest. I know that I’m pushing myself too far. It’s time to take a step back.

Earlier today, I cleaned the kitchen cupboards. Well, a few of them. I cleaned the tops of every cupboard door, the bottom of each door, and one of the most important cupboards of all: the one where we keep the glasses. I’ve never thought about cleaning that cupboard because, well, it’s always got glasses in it. I thought it would be a good idea to clean it because we store our glasses upside and who knows what could be lingering on the shelf. So, I cleaned.

I had no intentions of doing this cleaning today but I did. I also cleaned the toaster. That was a fun adventure. I’ve been thinking about doing it for days. I am unsure why. My toaster has two convenient trays that make it easy to empty it out. I have a feeling that there is a slight gap between those trays and the rest of the toaster. I’ve seen crumbs falling through. It was those crumbs that encouraged me to clean the toaster in the first place.

I cleaned the dishes. I do this almost every day, if not every day. There was nothing special about cleaning them. I wiped the counters down. I thought about whether any fruit needed to be discarded from the fridge. I took a look at what we had in the cupboards. I cleaned the metal panel on the oven.

That’s how I spent my morning. It was a morning away from technology but I found great pleasure in cleaning. What I love about cleaning is that I can see that I am making a visible impact on the real world. Every time I clean, I get to look at something and say “hey, I made this nicer.” I like that feeling.

I often get that feeling with code, but only when I have an idea of what to work on. I have ideas but none of them are right. I need to take some time to do other things. I am working on some coding projects but what I’ve learned is that coding is only one part of my life. I spent my morning cleaning and you would never have known that unless I had taken the time to write this blog post.

I am still in a bit of a funk which is why I’m not writing about technology. Hey, maybe you’ll get something out of this. Or, if not, you can just continue on your Saturday. I went out for a coffee today. It was delicious!

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