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Moving to jamesg.blog

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TL;DR: I am moving my website over to jamesg.blog from jamesg.app.

A Short Retrospective

I registered jamesg.app shortly after .app domains were launched by Google. I was rather excited at the prospect of having a .app top-level domain (TLD). It was new and exciting. People were raving on about this new TLD in my social circles and I thought I’d try to secure a good domain.

I was able to acquire jamesg.app, which at the time was perfect for me. I was looking for a domain that represented me well online. The TLD was professional and the name itself, jamesg, was just right. I felt confident sharing this domain name with other people.

The jamesg.app domain is one that is attached to many memories. I have used jamesg.app as my primary domain for at least a year. In the world of the internet, that’s a long time.

Most websites do not stay up very long. Earlier this year, when I purged my domains, I was able to take a short trip down memory lane to see all of these old projects that never came to anything. There was one domain that I still wanted to use. That was my personal domain; the one that I use to host my internet home.

Why I am Moving

While my domain has served me well, I am not confident in using a product that is so closely associated with Google. I know that I use a Fitbit which is powered by Google infrastructure but there aren’t many alternatives on the market. I already own a Fitbit and I do not want to buy another piece of technology when I have something that works just fine.

The domain name market is more competitive. There are so many registrars and providers and top-level domains from which to choose. jamesg.app was registered using GoDaddy but I could have used another provider, chose a different TLD, or used a different domain name entirely.

I have just registered jamesg.blog which will now serve as my main domain. I have chosen this TLD because it is more representative of what I do on my personal website. .app has become associated with a lot of applications. I am not an application. I am a tech enthusiast who likes coffee and code. 1

The transition is not going to be easy. At the moment, I will just forward all of my emails to my old jamesg@jamesg.blog domain until I am ready to make a full change. I’ll probably encounter a few issues with logins on websites that rely on IndieAuth, which is powered by domain names. Nonetheless, I feel confident that this is the right move for me.

My old domain will redirect to my new one. So, while I cannot fully say goodbye to my old domain, I will be using jamesg.blog as my primary domain from this point onward.

  1. I did consider registering jamesg.coffee. I arrived at the conclusion that domain name may be somewhat unprofessional. 

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