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Three Hills Columbian Cundinimarca Review

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A photo of a bag of Three Hills Columbian Cundinimarca coffee, sitting on a window ledge.

I have been inspired by to start reviewing the coffees that I drink. I usually take notes on every cup of new coffee. I’ve recently started to take more detailed cupping notes using the scorecard that James Hoffman has created. This is my first review.

I discovered that there is a coffee roastery in my region about a month and a half ago called Three Hills Coffee. I was surprised. I’m not sure why because my interest in coffee is somewhat recent. I guess I did not expect a coffee roastery to operate outside of a city.

I have already tried the Three Hills Eildon blend. That was a delicious and well-rounded cup of coffee. As I understand, one component of the Eildon blend is the Columbian Cundinimarca coffee. I am presently drinking this coffee as my main brew.

From the Three Hills website:

This is a district source rather than an offering from a single farm but the Cundinamarca region of Colombia has been producing excellent coffee for a very long time (the climate and elevation are just right for growing coffee plants) and so they produce reliable results year after year.

This is my first single origin coffee. This coffee is more defined than others I have tasted. The cherry flavors are particularly prominent. In all the other coffees I have consumed, there has not been a single defining characteristic per se. It’s been more of an amalgum of different flavors. Columbian Cundinimarca is defined by its cherry flavors.

I purchased a 250g bag of their beans. They were delivered within about two weeks of ordering. I have come to expect slightly longer delivery times because Three Hills is not a massive roastery like many of the ones in the city. I brew my coffee using an Aeropress.

Taking inspiration from, below is my overview of the coffee.


Roast: Medium

Type: Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Caramel, cherry, fruity, chocolate

Region: Columbian Cundinimarca

Price: £6.75

I would definitely buy this coffee again. It is well-rounded and easy to drink. I prefer coffees with darker flavors like chocolate. The chocolate notes in this coffee are not as clear as they are in other coffees but when they emerge they pair so well with the cherry flavor.

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