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Writing a Colophon

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I am presently sitting with nothing else to do. I enjoy writing so here I am again, back for another (short) blog post.

I added a colophon to my site earlier today. My colophon replaced my privacy page. I originally wrote the privacy page so that users of this site could learn about my thoughts on privacy without having to read a blog post. I included a few sentences on sustainability on the page.

I want to keep my site small and nimble. This page has been sitting around for a while and I have not given it much thought. When my privacy page came to mind yesterday, I wondered whether I even need one. My thoughts on privacy cannot be condensed into a single blog post. That’s why I have a blog. I write about what comes to mind when it comes to mind.

Instead of removing the page entirely, I am moving to a new structure: the colophon. Colophons are common in the publishing world. They are used by publishers to share some publication details. I haven’t encountered a colophon in a book to my knowledge. I have seen a few on the websites of a few IndieWeb community members and I thought it would be nice to have one myself.

The colophon briefly describes the setup of my current site. I outline how I do not track users. These are crucial pieces of information. I have embraced the spirit of the colophon and kept it short. I don’t want the page to be something I have to keep changing. I want it to be a message to users about the basic principles that govern this site. It does not need to be complicated.

You can view my new colophon on the colophon page.

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