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Unorthodox Roasters Wee Stoater Review

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Unorthodox Roasters caught my eye as soon as I learned about them. They are a roastery based in Kinross, Scotland. They are unorthodox. The names of their coffees are all Scottish. I looked around their website and I thought I should try one of their coffees. Wee Stoater caught me eye, which I believe is their signature coffee.

Most of the coffees I’d tried prior to Wee Stoater had prominent notes of either chocolate or cherry. These are my favorite notes in a coffee. Wee Stoater is different to any other coffee I’ve had. Hazelnut is by far its defining characteristic. The finish is a smooth hazelnut taste. There is a storng hazelnut aroma that comes from the ground beans and from the coffee throughout the brewing process.

It took me a few days to get used to the hazelnut flavor. I’m used to fruitier flavors. The coffee gradually got easier to drink. I have experienced this transition period with every coffee that I have tasted so far. It’s taken a few days to really get into a coffee and to learn about its flavors.

Wee Stoater comes with hints of chocolate. The chocolate notes are not near as prominent as they are in other coffees. The coffee is not as sweet as most of the others I’ve tried. I don’t think this is a problem but I do prefer coffees with more sweetness. There is a bit of an acidic bite. It’s pleasant and accompanies the hazelnut flavor well.


Roast: Unknown

Type: Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, chocolate, caramel

Region: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Price: £8.50

I’ve enjoyed drinking this coffee. I was disrupted somewhat by my preparation for and attendance in the Steampunk Coffee tasting but I’ve been able to drink a number of cups of this coffee so far. Wee Stoater tastes good and is well-rounded. I’d prefer a bit more sweetness but that is just me. I am continuing to think that my favorite coffees are those that have strong notes of cherry.

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