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Changing Computers

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I’m back from my vacation. I just finished up a delicious winter coffee from Costa. I have fond memories of that coffee from last year. Now, I’m ready to tell you about something that has been on my mind. I’ve bought a new computer.

The Warning Signs

My Mac has been running slow for a while. I have talked about the state of my Mac with a few friends over the last couple of weeks. I have kept using my Mac beacuse I want to suck every last moment out of this computer. I’ve spent so much time programming and writing on my Mac. It’s become my friend. I have relied on the computer to get my work done. Every day, my Mac has showed up and worked for me.

For the the last year, my Mac has been showing signs that it is about to stop working. The battery has been the main concern. The Apple system settings have recommended that I take my Mac in for a service. The battery is operating at a significantly reduced capacity. This has been clear to me for a while. When I have unplugged my Mac from a power source, it has lasted for shorter and shorter periods of time. This came particularly apparent on my vacation. I tried to use my Mac unplugged and the system shut down within minutes.

I do have backups. I made the choice to back up my system with Time Machine about a month or two ago. My concern was that I’d wake up one day unable to do my work. My computer has struggled to handle some of the new software I am running.

A New Computer

I ordered a new computer while I was on vacation. I got some help from people in the IndieWeb community. I called out a couple of computer names and was advised against them. The Dell model I was looking at was not built for longevity. Many people recommended the ThinkPad. The ThinkPad was a bit far out of my price range. I know that quality in computers is commonly correlated with price but I had a budget in mind. I didn’t want to spend any more than 500 pounds on my new machine. I definitely did not want to pay the 1000 pounds it would cost to get a new Macbook.

The computer I have ordered is a HP model. It’s a laptop so I can take it anywhere. I briefly considered buying a tower machine but I like the portability of laptops. I needed something that would be powerful enough to get me through my work day. I chose a model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of data available. This is just enough. My current Mac has 4GB of RAM and 128GB in storage. This has been enough for a while but now I’m running some more resource-intense software, it’s become clear that I need a beefier machine.

I am going to change the operating system on my new computer from Windows to Ubuntu when it is delivered. The machine should be delievered tomorrow. I am somewhat excited. I think my excitement will build once the computer is about to arrive, and when it is finally in my hands. I got my last computer almost six years ago. Getting a new computer is a rare event in my life. I get one Christmas a year. I don’t get one laptop a year.

I have chosen Ubuntu because it looks intuitive. I have a familiarity with Linux-based operating systems through using my Raspberry Pi. I don’t think the transition from Mac to Ubuntu will be too difficult. I am presently creating a bootable USB drive which I can use to install Ubuntu on my new computer. I’ll need to back up all my files to a flash drive because all my backups are in Time Machine. I don’t think Ubuntu can read Time Machine backups.

I’ll be sad to see my Mac go. I’ll need to research how I can send it to be recycled. I’ll need to wipe the hard drive. This is my first computer change in a long time. I wonder what I’ll learn about changing computers.

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