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An Unknown Coffee Tasting

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I’m currently drinking an unknown coffee from my local coffee shop. I did not ask what coffee beans they use when I asked if they could sell me a small supply to tide my over until my next shipment arrived. I decided to use this as an opportunity to refine my tasting skills.

When I did the cupping at Steampunk, all the coffees came with tasting notes. I found this useful because I felt somewhat intimidated by cupping five different coffees. I had some notes to which I could refer to confirm or deny my suspicions about each coffee. I have wanted to do a blind taste test for a while.

The coffee I am drinking is unknown to me. I am using the Aeropress inverted method to brew the coffee.

During the process of brewing a cup, I learned how important it is to keep my equipment dry. I had rinsed the bottom chamber of my grinder and I forgot to wipe the chamber with a towel before using it. Some of the coffee grounds stuck to the edge of the chamber. This made it difficult for me to assess how much coffee I used.

The coffee had a strong aroma. It was puzzling. I could sense dark chocolate and what I think was a smoky aroma. There was a nut aroma present. I noted down hazelnut but I cannot be sure. I’ll need to make another cup and compare my notes. Nut was definitely the most prominent part of the aroma.

The coffee did not taste much like when it is brewed at my local coffee shop. This could be due to a number of factors. I was brewing for Aeropress and not espresso. I am storing my beans in a clear container (I know, I should move them soon). I did not add milk to my coffee. I like to drink flat whites when I order coffee out.

There was a slight acidity to the cup. This acidity was faint and passing. There was no sweetness until the very end of the cup. I got a hint of cherry that tasted nice. This flavor passed somewhat quickly. There was a little sweet finish when I tasted the cherry. I do like cherry flavors in coffee.

I wanted to take a few more notes on this cup because I haven’t been actively tasting coffee lately. I went on vacation and took a break from the world of coffee. I’ve been more focused on brewing coffee than its taste. I do want to take more notes as I go and try new coffees.

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