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A Few Site Changes

Published on under the IndieWeb category.

I’ve not made many changes to my website since I went on vacation. I had spent months tinkering with my website before I went on vacation and a break made me realize that my site does what I want it to. I cannot think of a clear deficiency that this site has that I want to fix. It was not easy to get to this point. I played around with IndieWeb concepts for months before I learned what it is that I do and do not want on this site.

The IndieWeb community has a lot of ideas with which I’m not familiar. I do not know much about ActivityPub. My familiarity with webmention is limited to its implementation on my site and a few experiments I’ve run in the past. I know that there is a lot to learn. But I don’t find myself interested in a lot of what is discussed. I cannot get excited about standards as much as I used to. I’ve already implemented microformats in the way that I like.

One-Time Updates

Many of the changes I’ve made to my site are one-time changes. Once I learned how to make a h-card, that was it. I had a h-card on my site and I knew how to easily modify it. Changing my h-card was no longer novel. I knew what I was doing. This happens with everything I learn. Something is novel. It is exciting at that point. I play around with whatever it is I am learning. I learn more. I then realize that I’ve mastered the topic and it’s time to move on.

This is a core feature of the IndieWeb. Because setting up a h-card and registering a domain and marking up a blog post are generally one-time changes, you can focus on your content. This is the stage I am at. I’ve tried different standards and now I want to focus on content.

I know that the implementation of features can vary. I’ve rotated how I report my toolkit of computing resources I have. I’ve updated the heirarchy for my posts a number of times. I’ve went back-and-forth between having and not having webmentions on my site. I just feel like I’ve not got anything else that I want to do that is particularly “IndieWeb.” I just want to write on my site.

Improving My Coffee Page

I have a page on this site where I talk about coffee. It has been a staple of this website for a while. My issue with the page is that I’ve changed my thoughts so many times that the page has struggled to maintain its relevance. This is the reason I don’t have an about page on my site. I do not like pages that require constant maintenance. I prefer to talk about changes to my life in blog posts because I can easily write and publish them.

I decided to remove the brief story I tell aObout how I got involved with coffee. I’ll probably write tid-bits about my coffee journey in future blog posts. I’ve already spoken about my coffee history numerous times on my blog, albeit briefly. This section would need constant updating. I don’t want to have to keep updating the page. I want it to stay accurate for as long as possible.

I replaced my coffee page with a list of links to relevant coffee resources on my site. A link points to my Aeropress recipe. I moved the recipe to its own page. Another two links point to my blog post history on coffee and my list of coffee reviews. I’ve got a section on the page where I list a few of the resources I’ve used to learn about coffee. I had not updated that page for at least a month before today. I added a few resources I’ve discovered in the last month.

Changing My Log Retention

It turns out that nginx only tracks logs for 14 days before the logs are rolled over. I did not know that. I went to check my site statistics and I found that the total number of page views was almost the same as it was before I left for my vacation. This was puzzling. I was not concerned about the number. I worried about why the number was so similar.

I looked at the nginx log folder and found only 14 log files. After some Googling, I discovered logs rotate after 14 days. Many of my old log files have been replaced because I did not increase the duration of the logging policy.

I do not look at my logs often. I’ve looked at them twice in the last week. One of those checks was today. I did want to rectify this error so that I could track historical site views. I don’t track how many views I get each day or each week. I just see a “total pageviews” counter. I could probably implement a weekly tracker but I am not interested in doing so. The analytics numbers do not matter much to me.

I learned about a file called /etc/logrotate.d/nginx that contains the policy for nginx logging. I changed a figure in this file so that my logs would roll over after 365 days:

rotate 365

I know that my nginx log folder may reach a very large size. I have enough storage on my DigitalOcean droplet so I should be fine for a while. I can always delete some logs if I run out of space. That’s a problem I do not have right now so I am not going to solve it.

Improving My Site

I’m sort of burned out on major site improvements. I’ve enjoyed writing more about coffee. I liked all the time I spent reading about the IndieWeb but there is not much more that I want to implement at the present moment. I cannot think of any changes this site needs. I do need to update my “toolkit” page to show my new computer. I’ll do that some other time.

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