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Measuring Coffee with Scales

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I’ve brewed two cups of coffee with a set of scales. On my first cup, I tried to measure the coffee after I had ground it. This turned out to be a mistake.

I started by placing the bottom half of my handheld grinder on my scale. I zeroed-out the scale so that I’d be able to measure how much ground coffee I had in my grinder. I then reattached the bottom of my grinder to the top. I poured in some beans and ground the coffee.

After I started grinding, I realized there was no way for me to measure my progress. I did not know how many coffee beans I had placed in the top half of the grinder. I had to detach the top of the grinder and place the bottom half on the scales to find out how much coffee I had ground. This was impractical. I detached the bottom top of the grinder several times so I could measure how much coffee I ground.

I am now measuring my coffee beans before I grind. I place a ramekin on my scale and zero-out the scale. I use my Aeropress scoop to move beans from my bag of beans into my ramekin. This lets me measure exactly how much beans I will grind. I find that one Aeropress scoop can hold about 14g of beans. I like my coffee to be a little bit weaker so this is ideal. I used my hand to get as close to 14g as possible.

This process is much more efficient than measuring the coffee as I grind it. I will practice this move a few more times so that I can get used to it. I’m lucky I had a ramekin close by. I didn’t know what else I could use to store my coffee that was small and practical.

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