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Missing Bean Peruvian Direct Trade Review

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I’ve been enjoying the Missing Bean Peruvian Direct Trade beans for about a week. I got a small box of the beans from my local coffee shop when I ran out of beans at home. At first, I did not know what beans I was drinking. I recently popped back into my local coffee shop to find out. The beans are from Missing Bean.

I had never heard of the Missing Bean until I tried these beans. They are a cafe and coffee roastery based in Oxford. What caught my eye about Missing Bean is their colorful branding. Their bags are beautifully painted with pink, teal, yellow, and white colors. I like an attractive coffee bag. It makes me feel like the roaster has gone above and beyond to make every aspect of the coffee experience amazing.

The Peruvian beans are direct trade from Chilchos Valley, Peru. This means that Missing Bean has cultivated a direct relationship with farmers in the region. Out of curiosity, I looked around Missing Bean’s website to find out more information about their direct trade relationships. I found a whole blog post on their Peruvian relationship.

In 2016, Missing Bean visited the farm from which they source their coffee. There is a photo of the farmer who grows the coffee I am drinking on their website. It’s hard to deliver coffee more traceable than that.

This coffee is my second from Peru. It tastes like dark chocolate and nuts. I got a roasted flavor. Dark chocolate is definitely the most prominent flavor with the beans. I got a hint of vanilla in the aroma.

I’d recommend this coffee as a good morning brew. I’ve been drinking it out of my Aeropress for the last week and a bit and I’ve been impressed with every cup.

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About This Coffee

Process: Washed

Price: 7.00 GBP (250g bag)

Varietal: Typica

Direct Trade: Yes

Tastes: Dark chocolate, nut, roast.

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