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100 Things I Really Like

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Inspired by a post on The Coffee Life blog, I’ve decided to make a list of 100 things that I really like. When I first saw the post on The Coffee Life, I thought to myself that this would be an excellent activity in self-care. I often limit my mind to think about the few things that I do on a daily basis but I’ve never made such a long list of things I like. I suspect that I like more than I think.

This has been a rough year to say the least. I welcome any opportunity to bring some more positivity into my day. So, let me talk about the 100 things that I really like. This list will not be exhaustive. Right, let’s get to it.

  1. Walks in the park
  2. Seeing leaves fall off the trees
  3. Coffee
  4. Peanut butter
  5. Sitting outside in the morning
  6. A sunny day
  7. A cosy blanket
  8. Spending time with family
  9. Writing for my blog
  10. Chocolate
  11. Listening to podcasts about coffee
  12. Reading books and blogs
  13. The IndieWeb
  14. Writing code
  15. Exploring new cities
  16. Edinburgh
  17. Scotland
  18. Having afternoon tea
  19. Homebrew Website Club
  20. That feeling I get when a new idea comes to mind
  21. Writing in my journal
  22. Watching Seinfeld
  23. Looking out the window on a rainy day
  24. Smiling
  25. Coffee brewing apparatus
  26. Breaking out of routine
  27. Dreaming of being a barista
  28. Cleaning up
  29. Wearing two pairs of socks on a cold day
  30. Toast
  31. People-watching
  32. Learning new skills
  33. Listening to music
  34. The POP figurines on my desk (Sam Malone and Happy Gilmore)
  35. Comedy
  36. Using the internet (within reason)
  37. Doing my finances
  38. The feeling when a package is about to be delivered
  39. Christmas
  40. Going on my exercise bike
  41. Speaking with friends
  42. Taking photos outside
  43. Looking at the trees
  44. Cats (both my own and watching other cats)
  45. Saying “good morning” to people when I am out walking
  46. Waking up early in the morning
  47. Watching the sun rise
  48. Drawing
  49. Teaching people a skill I have learned
  50. Analyzing data
  51. Making my own food
  52. Fika
  53. The culture of California
  54. A warm pastry, like a croissant or a scone
  55. Japanese culture
  56. The Simpsons
  57. Reading comics
  58. Ceramic mugs
  59. Sitting and thinking
  60. Chairs with good back support
  61. The Revivalists
  62. Autumn
  63. Pumpkin spice lattes
  64. The piano that you blow into
  65. Long walks
  66. A cup of tea
  67. Breathing in the air on a windy day
  68. Advent calendars
  69. The smell of a cup of coffee
  70. Latte art
  71. Getting excited about a holiday
  72. Decorating Christmas trees
  73. Signing out loud
  74. A long, warm shower
  75. Meditating
  76. Conversations with my local barista
  77. Sitting in coffee shops
  78. Doing back-of-the-napkin mathematics
  79. Almond milk
  80. Lying in the sun on a picnic blanket
  81. Cloud-watching
  82. Wrapping Christmas gifts
  83. Watching someone get really interested in something
  84. Looking for a new coffee to buy
  85. Fruit
  86. Finding a great new song on Spotify
  87. The feeling when I’ve finished exercising
  88. Origami towels
  89. The start of a vacation
  90. Meditating
  91. Non-fiction books about technology
  92. A clear sky
  93. The sound of bagpipes in the street
  94. Laughing
  95. Hearing people laugh
  96. Plants
  97. The Aeropress
  98. Going somewhere I have never been before
  99. Researching places I could go
  100. Thinking about things I really like
  101. Sending emails to friends

That was difficult. I made a cup of coffee in the middle of writing the list so I could take a break. I really like a lot but it’s hard for me to think of things that I really like to do. I had to dig deep. Some of the things on my list only happen at certain times. That’s what makes them so special. I do not often have conversations with baristas but when I do I’m always happy.

I realize there are 101 items on my list. I thought of one more just as I was writing this conclusion. I like sending emails to friends. There are many other things I like to do but this is just a small sample. Maybe, if I’m ever lost, I can come back here and choose an activity. Well, I can’t embrace everything. Autumn only comes around once. But there are a few things on my list I can do at any time.

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