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Cafes I Want to Visit

Published on under the Coffee category.

I wrote an article on “100 things I really like” yesterday. It took me a bit of thinking but I got there in the end. I liked making a long list. I’ve never tried that type of writing before. I liked it so much that I’m going to write another list.

Yesterday, a new national lockdown was announced in England. While I am not affected by this lockdown in Scotland, I have been reminded of how easy it is to take cafes for granted. I’ve been to my local cafe a few times over the last few weeks and every time I’ve had fun. Cafes were already taken away from me earlier this year. If it happens again, it happens. But I’ll still have fond memories of being in cafes.

I have been reading many reviews of cafes online thanks to my interest in coffee and following Brian’s Coffee Spot blog. I’m particularly interested in visiting Scottish cafes, especially in the Edinburgh region. Once this crisis is over, I plan on visiting a number of cafes around the country. Below I’ve made a list of a few of the cafes I really want to visit. I’m writing this list from memory, so I’m not just randomly picking out cafes.

  1. Steampunk Coffee, North Berwick
  2. Artisan Roast, Edinburgh
  3. The Milkman, Edinburgh
  4. Cult Espresso, Edinburgh
  5. Cairngorm Coffee, Edinburgh
  6. Lowdown Coffee, Edinburgh
  7. Pallets Tea and Coffee House, England
  8. Union Brew Lab, Edinburgh
  9. Fortitude Coffee, Edinburgh
  10. Luckie Beans, Edinburgh (coffee cart)

Well, I had to cheat a little bit. I had to go onto Google to remember the names of some of these places. I do know there are many more cafes I’d like to visit. The ones above are those that have come up quite a bit in my research related to coffee. Pallets Tea and Coffee House is probably the most recent cafe that has stuck in my mind. I’ve seen it on Instagram and it looks like an excellent establishment.

Whenever this crisis is over, I want to spend as much time in coffee shops as I can. I’d like to talk with more baristas and hear their stories. Until then, I’ll keep reading, thinking, and talking about coffee. I’ll keep brewing coffee at home. I do love making coffee at home. I sometimes feel cheated when I go out to a cafe because I don’t get to make a cup myself.

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