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Bringing Back My Website

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A few months ago, I stopped actively working on my blog where I spoke about programming and technology. I felt it was time for a break and I did not want to push myself into writing when I was not comfortable doing so; the best writing is that which comes from the heart, produced by passion.

Today, I am bringing back my website.

Like my last website, I have built this website on Jekyll. Again, I am using a simple design, like I did when I first started my website. At the moment I do not have any significant projects I would like to share on this site. Rather, I would like a home for myself and some of my older blog posts. Perhaps the design will get more complicated as I come up with new ideas.

Why am I back?

Having a personal website is a way for me to share some of my thoughts about programming, technology, writing, and whatever else comes to mind. While I could do this on social media, I would like to own my content, giving people the opportunity to link directly to a web page I have built.

I have designed this website according to my aforementioned needs: a place to house some of my content and to share a bit about myself. And I can change this website as much as I want, when I want to do so, without having to worry about platforms and their changes.

My inspiration behind prioritising a personal website comes from the IndieWeb movement, which I have blogged about in the past. This movement encompasses my belief that one should own the content they produce online. Content ownership means you have control over how your content is represented online. I could add images to my posts. I could add a JavaScript Easter egg to this site. The possibilities are endless, so long as I own this site.

I look forward to writing on this site. Please feel free to peruse my past blog posts until I start producing some new content, although a lot of what I have written was with reference to my old personal website.

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