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My Home Brew Bar

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After many hours spent brewing espresso, taking notes, and diagnosing my shots, I realised that the grinder was the weakest link in my chain. It is true what they say about how you should never overlook your grinder for espresso. My espresso journey is temporarily on hold until my new espresso grinder, the REMI hand grinder by Option-O, arrives. So, what should I write about? That question has been on my mind.

Inspired by Jonathan Gagné’s “Coffee Gear” web page, I thought I would put together my own list of coffee equipment. I have acquired a lot of coffee equipment and equipment I use for coffee which is not necessarily coffee-specific. This list is not intended to be an active inventory of what I have for coffee brewing, instead a list of what I have at the moment. I have bought many pieces of equipment in the last few months and my setup often changes.

My home brew bar moves around a lot due to space limitations in the kitchen. I keep coffee equipment both in the kitchen and in a box in another room in which I store the equipment I am not currently using. Often, most of my equipment ends up in the kitchen.

Brewing Devices

I use seven devices for brewing at the moment:

  • Flair Espresso Maker (NEO model with pressure gauge and bottomless portafilter)
  • Chemex
  • V60
  • Kalita Wave (metal and ceramic)
  • Aeropress
  • Aromaboy coffee maker
  • PuckPuck iced drip coffee maker

NB: I own a Moka Pot and a French press which I do not actively use for brewing. I do use my French press for frothing milk when I make cappuccinos at home.

Brewing Equipment


  • Acaia Pearl scale (white)
  • A small scale accurate to 0.01g from Amazon.


  • Fellow Stagg EKG
  • Melitta gooseneck kettle

I have a cheap scale from Amazon which measures to 0.01 grams accuracy. I use this scale under my Flair when I make espresso.


I presently have four grinders:

  • Comandante C40 (my daily driver)
  • Baratza Encore (my former daily driver, before I got the Comandante C40)
  • Hario Mini Mill (my first grinder)
  • Option-O REMI (the model with espresso burrs, rarely used)

Other Coffee Equipment

Here is a list of the other equipment I have which does not fall into any of the categories above:

  • A Steampunk Coffee cupping spoon
  • A Square Mile Coffee cupping spoon
  • 6x Duralex glasses, used for cupping
  • A 1 litre Bonavita carafe
  • A mason jar for iced coffee brewing
  • Filter papers for the Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave, and Aeropress
  • 2x ceramic ramekins, used as a drip tray or to measure beans
  • A coffee scale from Amazon accurate to 0.1 grams, the predecessor to my Acaia Pearl scale
  • Cocktail sticks, used for WDT in espresso making
  • Kinto serving jug (700ml)
  • A cloth V60 filter from The Cloth Coffee Co.
  • Starbucks flask (which I use for making cold brew)
  • A white Moka Pot

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