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Coffee documentaries I have watched

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Every so often I sit down and watch a documentary about coffee. From watching documentaries I have learned a lot about coffee. For instance, the Aeropress documentary made me aware of all of the prototypes that were developed before the Aeropress design was finalised.

I recently watched Higher Grounds, a documentary about the rise of speciality coffee in Panama. This documentary covered the International Coffee Agreement and its affect on prices, coffee farming in Panama, coffee pricing, among other interesting topics. After watching the documentary, I thought to myself: I think more people should watch this.

This thought got me thinking about how I can make people aware of some of the great coffee documentaries and movies I have watched. My thinking led me to the idea of a blog post where I list the coffee documentaries I have watched and enjoyed, in the same vein as my post on Scottish coffee roasters.

If you’re looking for a coffee documentary or movie to watch, I would recommend the following:

I have seen other documentaries and movies about coffee but the ones listed above are those that come to mind that I feel comfortable recommending at the moment. If I end up watching more documentaries about coffee or rewatch some of the ones I have seen to remind myself of them, I may write another blog post with further recommendations.

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