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Game: Guess the Edinburgh Cafe

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A large brick building and a cobblestone forecourt

I was in Edinburgh on Saturday doing a coffee crawl (which has become a regular event since lockdown restrictions eased). I shared a photo on Instagram of one cafe, asking people to guess where I was. Later in the day, I ended up in a conversation on Instagram with someone who guessed one of the cafes correctly. I shared a few more photos and that person guessed the cafe featured in three of four photos I sent.

This gave me an idea: what if I made a quiz that anyone could visit and take part in? That’s why I am writing this post.

Below are a few photos of Edinburgh cafes. These photos were taken over multiple weeks and the outdoor photos are those taken before lockdown restrictions eased allowing for indoor sitting.

If you enjoy this quiz, feel free to share your results with me on Instagram (@capjamesg).

Read more quiz questions in part two of the Guess the Edinburgh Cafe quiz series.

Cafe 1

A selection of cakes behind a window

Reveal the answer to cafe 1.

Answer: The Milkman (at 52 Cockburn Street)

Cafe 2

A selection of foodstuffs and coffee equipment inside a cafe

Reveal the answer to cafe 2.

Answer: Artisan Roast Broughton

Cafe 3

A coffee next to a menu, both sitting on a table

Reveal the answer to cafe 3.

Answer: Cult Espresso

Cafe 4

A selection of cakes through a window which has a golden mug on it

Reveal the answer to cafe 4.

Answer: Little Fitzroy

Cafe 5

The edge of a wooden table, the floow, and a guide rail inside a cafe

Reveal the answer to cafe 1.

Answer: Black Medicine Coffee

Cafe 6

A brick wall on which a black lamp is mounted

Reveal the answer to cafe 1.

Answer: Union Brew Lab

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