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Game: Guess the Edinburgh Cafe (Part 2)

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Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens

On Saturday, while I was in Edinburgh, I spent some time in coffee shops (as usual). 1 I am slowly making my way through the list of cafes I would like to visit, which I keep both in my head and in a designated list on the Google Maps app on my phone.

I wrote a blog post a few days ago which challenged you, my readers, to guess the cafe in which various photos were taken in. My photos showed enough information to identify cafes if you have spent some time in the shops I have visited but I tried not to make all of the answers too obvious. A few people have participated in the quiz so I thought I would do another one.

I visited three coffee shops on Saturday. Can you guess which photo corresponds with which cafe? I have also added a bonus question at the end which includes a photo taken from outside a cafe, before cafes opened for sit in.

If you enjoy this quiz, feel free to share your results with me on Instagram (@capjamesg).

Read more quiz questions in part one of the Guess the Edinburgh Cafe quiz series.

Cafe 1

A wooden panel below a glass container that stores baked goods

Reveal the answer to cafe 1.

Answer: Artisan Roast Stockbridge

Cafe 2

A wooden table in front of a wooden stool

Reveal the answer to cafe 2.

Answer: Cairngorm Coffee (Melville Place)

Cafe 3

Two cushions below a window that looks out onto a brick building

Reveal the answer to cafe 3.

Answer: Fortuna Coffee Bar


A window which looks onto tables, chairs and a white worktop in a cafe

Reveal the answer to bonus cafe.

Answer: Lowdown Coffee

  1. I am actually writing this post on the day I went to Edinburgh but I will not be publishing it for a few days, hence my referring to today as “Saturday”. 

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