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Game: Guess the Edinburgh Cafe (Part 3)

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Edinburgh's Ross Fountain in front of Edinburgh Castle

Today I had the pleasure of drinking coffee from three separate coffee shops in Edinburgh. When I was in the second shop, I thought to myself that I should take a picture so that I can run another quiz. I took pictures in the other two shops I visited so that I would have enough for a quiz.

Making these quizzes is enjoyable because there is a fine balance between revealing too much about a cafe and not giving enough information. For instance, a specific item of furniture in itself is usually not enough, but combined with a more distinctive feature offers a better quizzing experience.

Today I have two more coffee shops to quiz you on (one I visited today has been featured in a previous quiz and I did not take any pictures). Give the quiz a try and feel free to share your results with me on Instagram (@capjamesg).

There are two more parts to this series:

Cafe 1

A black and white checkered floor next to two small stairs

Reveal the answer to cafe 1.

Answer: Williams and Johnson (Leith)

Cafe 2

A stool next to two wooden ledges attached to a white wall

Reveal the answer to cafe 2.

Answer: Fortitude Coffee (York Place)

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