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Guess the Scottish Cafe

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The Scott Monument behind a stone staircase

I have already explored a number of Edinburgh coffee shops. I have visited Stockbridge, New Town, Old Town, and further afield for a cup of coffee. Now that I’m getting toward the end of my list of Edinburgh coffee shops, I have started to think about where to go next. I am not done visiting Edinburgh coffee shops, rather that I want to explore other places which also have good coffee shops to visit.

This weekend, I went to two places outside of central Edinburgh for a cup of coffee. I was going to use this paragraph to say where I went but that would give you too much information. Now that I’m exploring other places, the “Guess the Edinburgh Cafe” quiz series will take on a new name when I am referring to cafes in a new location: “Guess the Scottish Cafe”.

Below are two photos. I invite you to guess what cafes are featured. The first photo doesn’t actually feature a cafe. That photo features what you would see when you walk out of the cafe. I did take other photos but they were either too obvious (i.e. featuring the cafe’s logo) or not obvious enough. So, I am technically inviting you to guess the cafe that is behind me. The second photo features a cafe, just like my previous quizzes.

There are three more parts to this series:

Cafe 1

Three tables in front of a river in which a boat is floating

Reveal the answer to cafe 1.

Answer: Williams and Johnson (Leith)

Cafe 1

The interior of a cafe

Reveal the answer to cafe 2.

Answer: Brew Culture Coffee and Tea (South Queensferry)

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