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I was featured on Rubenerd's blog

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Rubenerd's blog post about my blog

Ruben Schade, a technical writer who blogs about the internet, technology, and many other topics, featured a quick post on me on his blog. In only a few hundred words, Ruben was able to summarise accurately exactly what I like to do on this blog. The first sentence in particular stood out to me, which was:

There are still independent writers out there, blogging about cool stuff on their own domain, and with a simple theme that’s fast and easy to navigate!

I believe firmly that if you have something that you’re passionate about and want to share with others, you should consider starting a blog. You do not need anything fancy, just somewhere to keep your words, photos, or whatever content you might want to share. You can always change your blog further down the line (which, by the way, is something that you’ll probably do as you get to know your own needs better).

My technical readers might enjoy reading Ruben’s blog, which I believe represents the same principles he highlighted about my blog in his first sentence: speed, easy navigation, and blogging about cool stuff (although cool is subjective, my opinion is that Ruben’s blog is indeed cool).

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