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I was featured in Coffee People

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A screen showing James as a contributor to the Coffee People zine

I have been a fan of Coffee People, a digital and print zine about the world of speciality coffee, for months. I first read one of their magazines last year and the content intrigued me. A mix between poetry, photographs, drawings, writing, and other creative media, Coffee People explores a theme through the lens of coffee in each edition. The work I have seen in the editions I have read has been creative and engaging, which is what led me to submit an entry myself.

Earlier this month, I received an email from the Coffee People team informing me that my submission had been accepted. I was delighted to be featured alongside other creatives in Issue 13, which was released on June 20th, 2021. You can now order the zine on the Coffee People website.

My entry was a personal reflection on why I drink coffee and leaves the reader with an opportunity to entertain what coffee means to them. Indeed, coffee means more to me than the taste or giving me a moment out of my day. It’s a means of connection on so many levels. But if you want to read my full thoughts on this topic, you shall have to buy Issue 13 and read the article yourself.

Coffee People has a Patreon page which they are using to enable themselves to pay creators for their work. I think this is a great initiative because for many Coffee People is just the right medium for their art and creative work. Because Coffee People is growing and already has a reputation, being featured in the zine is an opportunity for many artists to put their work into the hands of many people for them to enjoy. I certainly know I have enjoyed work from Coffee People contributors in the past.

I also need to highlight Coffee People’s physical copies. While I have not purchased a physical copy of the zine – although I probably should since I was a contributor! – I love the approach that they are taking to their work. Printing one’s digital work on paper can be very rewarding, a reminder that what you do on a computer can translate into something tangible that you can hold in your hands.

I hope you enjoy Issue 13 (if you purchase it) and will consider following Coffee People in the future. They are doing interesting work and I’m excited to see where their publication goes.

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