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The Thermal Printer Project was mentioned on the Adafruit Blog

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A thermal printer next to a Raspberry Pi on a black desk mat

The title of this post must be in the running for the longest title for a blog post on this blog thus far. That aside, I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that the thermal printer project was mentioned on the Adafruit blog. For those who are not familiar with Adafruit, they are in the business of manufacturing and selling hardware. They sell a lot of hardware that works with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, including the thermal printer that I am programming at the moment.

Without the Adafruit thermal printer (which I purchased from The Pi Hut, based in the UK), the thermal printer project – and all of the blog posts that I have written thus far, with more to come – would not have been possible. You can check out the short mention of my project on the Adafruit blog.

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