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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • Building Relationships at My Local Coffee Shop

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I have been attracted to coffee shops for a long time. When I was young, I enjoyed going out for a cup of tea with members of my family. I still think back to the days when I was too young to drink tea. I’d drink a carton of apple juice or something similar. I’d think about when I would be able to drink tea. I cannot remember at what age I could finally drink tea. I do know that tea stuck with me for years. I’d drink a few cups a day on most days.

  • An Unknown Coffee Tasting

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I’m currently drinking an unknown coffee from my local coffee shop. I did not ask what coffee beans they use when I asked if they could sell me a small supply to tide my over until my next shipment arrived. I decided to use this as an opportunity to refine my tasting skills.

  • Some Site Statistics

    Posted on: | Technology

    I was going through the analytics for my website using my custom analytics script. My script displays three pieces of information. I see the top five pages, the top five posts, and the top five status codes. It appears as if there are a number of 404 errors. I should investigate those at some point. I’ve changed so much on the site.

  • Day Two with Ubuntu Linux

    Posted on: | Technology

    I had trouble coming up with an idea for this blog post. I think too much. This is my second full day running Ubuntu on my new computer. I set up Ubuntu on Monday. I didn’t get a good sense of what Ubuntu was about in the few hours that I had set up my machine. I’m still learning how to navigate a new operating system.

  • Setting Up My New Computer

    Posted on: | Technology

    I purchased a HP computer last week while I was on vacation. I didn’t do too much research into the model. I spoke with people in the IndieWeb community. HP came highly recommended by one person after I said I was thinking about a Dell IdeaPad. I wanted a computer that would last me. The Dell IdeaPad does not have a strong reputation for its robustness.

  • A Conflict with RSS

    Posted on: | Technology

    On my vacation, I took some time away from technology. I needed the break. I’ve been using technology less since I returned. I’ve been reading books. Once I have finished reading Kill Switch, the sequel to Kill Process, I’m going to read Moneyball. It’s been over a year since I read books this actively. My switch toward reading books over the last few days puts me in a bit of a conflict with RSS.

  • Changing Computers

    Posted on: | Technology

    I’m back from my vacation. I just finished up a delicious winter coffee from Costa. I have fond memories of that coffee from last year. Now, I’m ready to tell you about something that has been on my mind. I’ve bought a new computer.

  • Slow Mornings

    Posted on: | Life

    I am on vacation. I have not taken much time off this year. This is a time for me to relax. I don’t plan on doing any coding. That means I’ll not be writing any technical tutorials. I’m taking a break. I am doing new things that I’d like to write about.

  • How I Blog

    Posted on: | Writing

    Yesterday, I read an inteview between two bloggers. One blogger, Rebecca Blood, interviewed Jason Kottke, another blogger. It was an interesting read. It got me thinking about my process for blogging. I do not write often about my process because I often have other topics in mind. I am taking a vacation starting midday today and I thought it would be a good time to talk about how I blog.

  • Tracking the Word Count on My Blog

    Posted on: | Technology

    I check the word count after I have written every blog post. I do this because Typora, the markdown editor I use, displays a word count in the top left corner of the page. I’m not interested in the metric. It is difficult to avoid. At some point yesterday, my mind arrived at the idea that I should try to track the word count on my blog. I wanted to do this to improve my programming skills.

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