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  • Designing on Paper

    Posted on:

    I read a profound sentiment in a web journal yesterday. I’m paraphrasing but I interpreted it as “the best way to design a website is to stay away from the internet.” It sounds odd that getting away from the web is a good way to find design inspiration. I have found this to be true.

  • Taking a Break

    Posted on:

    I have difficulty taking breaks. I’m the kind of person who tries to do things when they are eating lunch and breakfast. This morning I successfully installed MTG Arena onto my Mac. I am not sure whether I’ll go ahead and play it. I installed it anyway. It was on my to-do list.

  • The Limits of Minimalism

    Posted on:

    NB: I am on a small vacation and I am quite tired. This post will (probably) be shorter than usual. 1

    1. This post was longer than I expected. I’m still tired. 

  • Visual Fluff

    Posted on: | Web

    I have been thinking about moving to a Raspberry Pi as my primary computer for a while. Raspberry Pis are just powerful enough to let me get my work done but they are not so powerful that I can use them beyond reasonable means. I can develop a good Python program on a Pi. I cannot develop a bloated program that requires access to a powerful computer.

  • Stand Up Notifier

    Posted on: | Coding

    I’ve started to do some reading on how to work sustainably at a desk. My recent tidy up of my work environment is probably what has me thinking about this. One of the ideas I’ve noticed is that I should get up and walk every so often.

  • Plain Text

    Posted on: | Coding

    Plain text is my preferred method of storing information on my computer. I was debating yesterday whether I should create a command line tool that stores my appointments. I decided not to because I could just use a plain text file. The tool would have been plain text anyway but I know that there is a simpler way to solve my problem. All I need is a plain text document.

  • Tidying Up

    Posted on:

    I often feel a pressure to write about coding. That’s what I am good at. My life is about more than coding and browsing the web. I do a lot more. It’s just that the “lot more” is harder to quantify than a clear project that I’ve worked on in my terminal.

  • GitHub License Checker

    Posted on: | Coding

    I’ve been working on a few little scripts that scratch my itches. These scripts are not necessarily big enough to be their own Git repositories. I created one for my recent XXIIVV webring searcher command line interface. The script itself was only a few lines of code. I do not think I need a full repository for it. Nonetheless, I made one.

  • Accessible Interfaces

    Posted on: | Web

    I’m not an expert in building accessible interfaces. I do not know much about ARIA other than that it is used for accessibility. I have come to learn that there’s not much that I need to know about accessibillity if I let HTML do its job. I do not need to do much hand-coding for accessibility because most tags have already been built to promote access for all users on a website. As long as I use semantic tags, I’m on my way to having an accessible site.

  • ColdBrewLinks

    Posted on: | Coding

    You’ll never guess where I got the name for my latest project. Take a read at yesterday’s blog post on Cold Brews for more information.

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