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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • Bandwidth Conservation Society

    Posted on: | Web

    The modern web is bloated. The average web page in 2017 was three megabytes in size. 1 This is 2020 and I can only expect that the average size of a web page has increased significantly.


  • Learnings on UNIX

    Posted on: | Coding

    I’m committed to writing posts about what I’m learning on the command line. I would like to take this commitment a little wider and explore what I am learning about Unix. I’ve come to realize that the command line is about more than just commands. It is about the Unix philosophy and how it makes applications what they are on the command line.

  • Cold Brew

    Posted on: | Coffee

    In a departure from my traditional blog posts, I have decided to spend some time talking about cold brew. I have loved coffee for a long time. It was not exactly love at first sip. After my first coffee, it took me years to return to the drink. For a long while, I was a full-time tea devotee. Today I have consumed two cups of decaf tea.

  • Adventures on the Command Line

    Posted on: | Coding

    I am going to start documenting my adventures on the command line. I cannot promise that it will be as enticing as, say, an actual adventure. I can say that these posts will be a catalog of what I’m learning about.

  • Command Lines

    Posted on: | Coding

    I love the command line. It used to be scary. I didn’t know what it did. It was only until I started learning Python that I realized what the command line really was. It is a conduit to interact with my system on a new level. It gives me more control over what I’m doing on my computer. For some reason, when I use the command line, I quite excited. I like learning about new commands.

  • My Computing Setup

    Posted on: | Coding

    I have been reevaluating the technologies that I use on a daily basis. I’m no longer as interested in using bloated technologies nor closed-source technologies. When I can, I am using open-source. I’ve tried to build a few of my own utilities to speed up how I use my computer. I have enjoyed pruning down the softwares that I use. Low-tech solutions are just as good as high-tech ones.

  • Digital Spring Cleaning

    Posted on: | Technology

    I know I am a bit late. It’s summer. Nevertheless, I have taken the last few weeks as an opportunity to do some digital spring cleaning. I have always been an advocate for privacy. I believe that the internet and technology is a wonderful innovation but only to a certain extent. Some things need to stay private. That’s one of the reasons why I write in a journal. I don’t want to have my innermost thoughts saved onto a computer.

  • An Email from a Reader

    Posted on:

    I do not consciously check my personal emails. I am seldom expecting anything to come through. This morning I was greeted with a surprise in my inbox. A reader had written in to thank me for linking to their blog. I was excited to see the name of the person who had written this email because it was one of their blog posts that inspired me to more deeply consider making a minimalist site.

  • Site Statistics: July 2020

    Posted on:

    A few days ago I created a script that calculates the size of my website. I talk a lot on this blog about how I believe in minimal web design. I have provided the most recent output from this project below.

  • Mirroring my Code to sourcehut

    Posted on: | Coding

    I finally got around to mirroring my code to sourcehut. I had the idea about a week ago. I tired quickly of it, but I could not get the idea of creating a copy of my code out of my head. This morning I decided to finally get around to doing it.

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