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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

    Posted on: | Coding

    I have been playing around with Raspberry Pis for years. I got my first Pi about a year or two after high school. My closest friend had a Raspberry Pi and when he showed it to me I could not help but be amazed. A computer, for $30? It was a circuit board but it could do so much. My friend had it rigged up with Retro Pi but what intrigued me was the desktop environment. It was unlike anything I had seen before. There’s no other way to describe it than to say that I found the Raspberry Pi cool.

  • Writing for the Command Line

    Posted on: | Coding

    I’m a command line geek. I’m not quite at the level of system administrators. I know enough about the command line to get by, and then some. I’ve recently started writing more applications for the command line. It’s been a great experience.

  • Bandwidth Conservation

    Posted on: | Web

    A few weeks ago I discovered an underground society. Their name was the Bandwidth Conservation Society. I do not believe they are active today. They exist only as an archive on the internet. It’s a shame because I believe that conserving bandwidth is something that we should be talking about.

  • Simple Websites

    Posted on: | Web

    I designed this website with simplicity in mind. The fewer the bytes, the better. I’ve been thinking about it and I do not think that simplicity is just about how many lines of code I use in my websites. It’s about how I can use as few lines as possible to achieve a particular goal.

  • Documenting My Code

    Posted on: | Coding

    A few days ago, I decided to build a command line interface for the Garfield web comic. I wrote about my experience building this command line last week. I used a library called Click to create the command line using Python. Initially, the command line interface was going to be powered by the Python shell. Click allowed me to take the project a step further and build something that would run natively as its own command.

  • Building the Garfield CLI

    Posted on: | Coding

    I decided that I would work on a side project earlier this week. I enjoy hacking together tools in my spare time, but I only ever do it when an idea strikes. An idea came to mind and so I decided to build it. The idea was for a Garfield command line interface.

  • Trust in Software

    Posted on: | Coding

    Part of the reason that I decided to switch my password manager was trust. It is difficult for me to trust a large corporation who is accountable to its shareholders. I have had a positive experience with security software in the past but I have my reservations. What if the software company on which I rely shuts down? What if there is a security breach?

  • Open Source Software

    Posted on: | Coding

    I have just changed my password manager from 1Password to KeePassXC. I have not experienced any problems with 1Password. There was one thing that was on my mind that I couldn’t quite get over: my data is stored in the cloud.

  • Designing Simple Websites

    Posted on: | Web

    I have been setting myself a challenge in my recent web projects. When I start working on a new site, I like to ask how I can make the site as simple as possible. I aim to build the most stripped down version of a site that I can that works.

  • Keeping Backups

    Posted on: | Coding

    In an effort to be a more responsible digital citizen, I have started to think about my own backup procedure. I must admit that I have been lax about keeping backups in the past. I once had a hard drive that was faulty and failed. It was ironic that my backup drive failed. I stayed up hours late to try and recover what data I could. I got most of it. That experience put me off having a backup for a while.

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