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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • Brewing Coffee With the Aeropress

    Posted on: | Coffee

    The Aeropress is the device that first got me into the world of specialty coffee. Before I knew that there were different grind sizes and origins (and to think that was only a few months ago) I wanted a device that was as simple as possible. I was interested in coffee after having an experience drinking, of all coffees, a Greggs Cappuccino. It was my first coffee this year and it felt special. I was drinking coffee again and it tasted delicious.

  • The Five Factors of Coffee Tasting

    Posted on: | Coffee

    Last night, I thought about high school for a moment. It has been a while. What brought high school to mind was that I considered how I could improve my learning. I’ve decided that I want to take a more structured approach to my coffee education so that I can stay on-track.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee Course Notes

    Posted on: | Coffee

    At the weekend, I finally got around to taking the Blue Bottle Coffee course about coffee on SkillShare. The course covers the science behind coffee, the equipment needed to brew a cup of coffee, and tasting, among other topics. I was most looking forward to the lecture on tasting and I was not let down.

  • Brewing with the Aeropress

    Posted on: | Coffee

    This is the third blog post I have tried to write today. I’m going to stick with this topic. It may not be the most interesting in the world but it is the idea that I have with me right now.

  • Coffee Brewing and Tasting

    Posted on: | Coffee

    My Aeropress has introduced me to a whole new world of coffee. Every time I have walked into my home office today after brewing my coffee I have been able to detect hints of the coffee I brewed earlier. The flavor was strong; the aroma lingered for a while after I had finished drinking the cup.

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