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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • How I Choose Coffee Beans

    Posted on: | Coffee

    Artisan Roast coffee beans and flavor notes card on a white table

  • Coffee: A Modern Field Guide Review

    Posted on: | Coffee Resources

    Coffee: A Modern Field Guide standing on a white table in front of a window and a selection of books

  • The Aeropress: Inverted vs Regular Methods

    Posted on: | Coffee

    An Aeropress sitting on top of a Starbucks cup in front of kitchen equipment

  • Coffee in '90s Sitcoms

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I’ve been a fan of ’90s sitcoms for years and whenever I am looking for something to watch one of three names comes up: Seinfeld, Cheers, and Frasier. My personal favorite is Frasier but I am presently taking a year-or-so break from watching the show so that, one day, I can go back and watch it and feel like I don’t know everything that has already happened. That is my hope.

  • The Philosophy of Coffee Book Review

    Posted on: | Book Review

    A copy of The Philosophy of Coffee sitting on a white table next to the bottom of a lamp

  • Grinding Coffee at Home

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I started drinking pre-ground coffee. I did not want to invest in buying a grinder, many of which were expensive. It was not until much later in my home brewing journey that I learned there are many affordable grinders on the market.

  • My First French Press Brew

    Posted on: | Coffee

    A French press sitting on a table in front of a window and a selection of books

  • Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee

    Posted on: | Coffee

    It’s almost essential that you start brewing coffee from a humble beginning. I don’t have an origin story where I sat drinking bitter diner coffee into the early hours of the morning. I drank instant coffee for a while but I gave up on it. Instant coffee was good because it felt like it packed a punch. I felt a bit more adult drinking instant coffee than tea, which I had been allowed to drink for a long while before coffee.

  • Missing Bean Peruvian Direct Trade Review

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I’ve been enjoying the Missing Bean Peruvian Direct Trade beans for about a week. I got a small box of the beans from my local coffee shop when I ran out of beans at home. At first, I did not know what beans I was drinking. I recently popped back into my local coffee shop to find out. The beans are from Missing Bean.

  • Why I Love the Aeropress

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I bought an Aeropress months ago. It seems like it’s been part of my daily routine forever. I brew one cup of coffee in the morning and one in mid-afternoon. I’ve written about my Aeropress extensively on my website. I’ve published the recipe I try to follow for anyone who is interested in learning about how I brew coffee.

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