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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • Building Relationships at My Local Coffee Shop

    Posted on: 22 October 2020 | Coffee

    I have been attracted to coffee shops for a long time. When I was young, I enjoyed going out for a cup of tea with members of my family. I still think back to the days when I was too young to drink tea. I’d drink a carton of apple juice or something similar. I’d think about when I would be able to drink tea. I cannot remember at what age I could finally drink tea. I do know that tea stuck with me for years. I’d drink a few cups a day on most days.

  • An Unknown Coffee Tasting

    Posted on: 22 October 2020 | Coffee

    I’m currently drinking an unknown coffee from my local coffee shop. I did not ask what coffee beans they use when I asked if they could sell me a small supply to tide my over until my next shipment arrived. I decided to use this as an opportunity to refine my tasting skills.

  • A Low Supply of Beans

    Posted on: 22 October 2020 | Spooky Stories

    I’ve never tried Tapas Excelsior before. I’ll give them a shot. Do you have any recommendations? “Ask the proprietor to serve you the house special. Tell them that Eon sent you. It’s a taste experience like no other.” said Eon, one of my closest friends.

  • Tracking the Word Count on My Blog

    Posted on: 08 October 2020 | Technology

    I check the word count after I have written every blog post. I do this because Typora, the markdown editor I use, displays a word count in the top left corner of the page. I’m not interested in the metric. It is difficult to avoid. At some point yesterday, my mind arrived at the idea that I should try to track the word count on my blog. I wanted to do this to improve my programming skills.

  • Writing an Analytics Bash Script: Part II

    Posted on: 07 October 2020 | Technology

    My first attempt at writing an analytics bash script got me excited about bash scripting. My first script displayed the total number of page views my blog receives and the total number of people who have viewed my feed. The program was limited to reading logs for the last two days.

  • Writing an Analytics Bash Script

    Posted on: 06 October 2020 | Technology

    I have had a commitment to not track analytics on this site. I believe that tools such as Google Analytics are verbose. They track too much information about users. I do not intend to change my policy on this matter. I did see on the IndieWeb wiki and on GitHub that some people have built their own analytics tools. Many of these rely on the logs that are collected by a web server rather than on a client-side script.

  • Reading Content with RSS

    Posted on: 05 October 2020 | IndieWeb

    I consume a large percentage of my online content using RSS. It was not always this way. For a long time, I relied on algorithms to tell me what to read. I put my faith in social media and believed that if I scrolled long enough I’d eventually find something interesting to read. I did sometimes find good articles. Mostly, I found articles that were popular. I didn’t discover any real gems.

  • Cleaning Up the IndieWeb Webring

    Posted on: 05 October 2020 | IndieWeb

    I received an email yesterday from someone who has dipped their toe into the IndieWeb. They are not very active but they are a participant on the IndieWeb webring. This reminded me that the webring was what got me really interested in the IndieWeb. It is a directory of sites that adhere to IndieWeb principles. To be admitted into the webring, you must have a valid h-card on your website.

  • Unorthodox Roasters Wee Stoater Review

    Posted on: 04 October 2020 | Coffee Review

    A bag of Unorthodox Roasters Wee Stoater coffee, sitting in front of a window

  • Coffee Cupping with Steampunk

    Posted on: 04 October 2020 | Coffee

    I have just finished my first coffee cupping. I had an informal cupping at my local coffee shop a few weeks ago where I compared two coffees. It was not the same because I was drinking Americanos and comparing them. In a proper cupping, ground coffee is used. A particular process is followed that results in a final grade for each of the coffees that are being evaluated.

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