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  • Checking My Webmentions Using RSS

    Posted on: 03 October 2020 | IndieWeb

    I have been using the webmention.io dashboard to check my webmentions. This is all I needed in a webmention reader. I’d check my webmentions every now and again because it was uncommon that I would receive one. When I did receive a webmention, I’d add writing a response to my mental to-do list and I would get around to sending one whenever I could. I like the manual process. It’s fun to write and send a webmention.

  • Displaying Webmentions on My Site

    Posted on: 02 October 2020 | IndieWeb

    Sometimes I feel like I have to be working on a coding project otherwise I am somehow behind. I do not like to feel that way. I like to code because I can build something meaningful, but what I build is only meaningful if I have a good idea. I’m slowly training myself to step back and to stop worrying about not having a particular project to work on. Making small changes to my existing work is more meaningful than starting something new.

  • Writing a New Tab Extension: Part II

    Posted on: 01 October 2020 | Web

    I have been writing my own new tab extension for Firefox. I thought I was done yesterday but I decided to make a few enhancements. I didn’t end up implementing any of the “fluff” features that I had in mind, like the ability to edit links on the new tab page. I did have two itches that I wanted to scratch.

  • Aeropress Recipe

    Posted on: 01 October 2020 | Coffee

    Aeropress and mug on a park bench

  • Writing a New Tab Extension

    Posted on: 30 September 2020 | Web

    Writing an extension for Firefox has been in my mental to-dos for a while. I like the idea of having my own new tab page. I used to use an extension called Momentum which displayed a nice image alongside the time. For my purposes, Momentum was a bit verbose. Every time I loaded a new tab, I had to render an image. Sometimes it took a second for that image to render. There were many customization features that I did not need.

  • Why I IndieWeb

    Posted on: 29 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    I wrote a post a few days ago on how I IndieWeb. I feel like I should go further and talk for a moment about why I am an active participant on the IndieWeb. This topic came to mind in response to an email I received earlier today. This email made me think about my motivations behind contributing to the IndieWeb. What is it that excites me about contributing to the wiki? Why do I spend so much time building IndieWeb principles into my website.

  • Adding Webmentions to Jekyll

    Posted on: 28 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    A few days ago, I remarked that I have not added webmentions to this blog because they would add too much overhead to the build time. When I wrote this post, I was thinking about only one way to add webmentions to my Jekyll site. I was thinking about a Jekyll plugin that retrieves all of my webmentions, sorts them, and then adds them to all of my posts. I thought it could maybe function with a front matter integration. I did not do too much research.

  • Brewing Coffee With the Aeropress

    Posted on: 26 September 2020 | Coffee

    The Aeropress is the device that first got me into the world of specialty coffee. Before I knew that there were different grind sizes and origins (and to think that was only a few months ago) I wanted a device that was as simple as possible. I was interested in coffee after having an experience drinking, of all coffees, a Greggs Cappuccino. It was my first coffee this year and it felt special. I was drinking coffee again and it tasted delicious.

  • Writing a Colophon

    Posted on: 25 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    I am presently sitting with nothing else to do. I enjoy writing so here I am again, back for another (short) blog post.

  • Resisting Complexity on My Site

    Posted on: 25 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    I am tempted by all of the IndieWeb websites to add more features to this site. Yesterday evening, I had somewhat of a realization: the parts of my website that stand the test of time are those that are simple and do not require any overhead.

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