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  • Micropub and Publishing Content

    Posted on: 12 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    I have seen articles and posts and messages about micropub a number of times. It’s hard to avoid at least seeing the term “micropub” somewhere in the IndieWeb community. I am still not fully sure how it works. What I do know is that micropub just right for what I want to do with my personal website. One of the biggest problems I have with my website is that it is somewhat laborious to post a new article. I have to create a markdown file with the contents of the article. I have to write front matter for every post.

  • A New Website Architecture

    Posted on: 11 September 2020 | Web

    For a moment a few days ago, I was tempted to build a server-side application for my website. What stopped me from doing so was my memories from building my personal website with Next.js. My site worked. It looked nice. My site lacked one thing. I didn’t really know how it worked. There were too many abstractions away from the code itself. I was often confused about why I had made certain programming decisions.

  • Archiving My Internet Presence

    Posted on: 10 September 2020 | Web

    I am working my way through reading a blog post by Peter Molnar where he talks about his project to retrieve his old websites. 1 Reading through this post has me thinking, again, about how I can archive my internet presence.

    1. I highly recommend Peter’s blog, especially for thoughts on technology. Check out the “IT” section for his tech-related writing. 

  • Homebrew Website Club London

    Posted on: 10 September 2020

  • Owning My Coffee Data

    Posted on: 09 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    The IndieWeb is all about scratching itches. When I think about what I want this site to become, I often say to myself that I am building a home for myself on the internet. Starting on the IndieWeb, this was enough. I needed to let my creative spirits run wild. I needed to try out different ideas. I looked at other people’s websites and thought about what I could implement.

  • Rethinking the Blog

    Posted on: 08 September 2020 | Web

    The reason this blog still exists today, after going through so many iterations, is that I always self-dogfood. This is a term in the IndieWeb community that means that I use my own creations. On my blog, everything has been built by me, for me. I haven’t thought about whether my code could be used by other people. It probably could. It’s all on GitHub for anyone to use. I have licensed my code under an MIT license so anyone can use it.

  • The Philosophy of Static Websites

    Posted on: 07 September 2020 | Coding

    I see websites in two categories: dynamic and static. I had a dynamic website earlier this year. Maintaining it took a lot of work. The one factor that made me hesitant to move to a static website was that I had a few features that relied on my site being dynamic. I had a grid which showed the days on which I had and had not written a blog post. I did not make that grid on this site because, at the time, I did not think it was possible.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee Course Notes

    Posted on: 07 September 2020 | Coffee

    At the weekend, I finally got around to taking the Blue Bottle Coffee course about coffee on SkillShare. The course covers the science behind coffee, the equipment needed to brew a cup of coffee, and tasting, among other topics. I was most looking forward to the lecture on tasting and I was not let down.

  • Trying Not to Overengineer

    Posted on: 06 September 2020 | Coding

    In a discussion with a friend, I mentioned how easy it is to overengineer solutions to problems. This weekend, I have been evaluating what it is that I want to do with my personal website. What matters most to me? In asking this question, I realize that I have been guilty of overengineering solutions to problems that may not actually be problems with which I should be concerned.

  • Moving to jamesg.blog

    Posted on: 06 September 2020 | Web

    TL;DR: I am moving my website over to jamesg.blog from jamesg.app.

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