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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • Owning a Raspberry Pi

    Posted on: 21 September 2020 | Technology

    I’ve gone through about three topic ideas. This is the last time I am changing my mind. When I get tired, I lose the energy to think of great topics. This is my blog. Sometimes I’ll write posts on a whim because I want to keep writing. I just thought that buying a Raspberry Pi may be one of the best investments I’ve made this year. I feel good about this because I was initially hesitant to purchase a Pi. If I had not have went through with the decision, I’d have not been able to build some of the projects I have worked on over the last few weeks.

  • Setting Up My Raspberry Pi

    Posted on: 20 September 2020 | Technology

    I want to talk about a project I undertook yesterday. I set up my Raspberry Pi with a new SD card. I do not presently have the energy to think of a more interesting topic. These last few days have been tough. It happens sometimes. We all have days when we are not quite ourselves. This is a blog, not my journal, so I don’t want to get bogged down in the details of reality. Here, I write about technology and coffee. To the story!

  • How I Design for Accessibility

    Posted on: 19 September 2020 | Web

    I just finished an accessibility audit on my site. There is only one flag that is raised by Axe, the accessibility validator I use. I believe I can ignore that flag. It relates to the arrows that I use for my webrings. I do not believe the suggestion impacts the quality or accessibility of my website. I am proud to say that I’ve resolved many accessibility issues over the last few weeks.

  • Building a Weather Station

    Posted on: 18 September 2020 | Web

    At this week’s Homebrew Website Club meeting, we had a discussion about Raspberry Pis. Most of the people in attendance had a Raspberry Pi. We all showed each other our Pis and where we had them set up. It was fascinating. I had to admit to everyone that my Pi has been sitting lonely in a drawer for a while. I haven’t done much with it. I have a Sense HAT. The Sense Hat sits on top of the Pi.

  • My Website Hosting Journey

    Posted on: 17 September 2020 | Web

    My website has been hosted on a number of platforms over the years. Last year was my year of using CMS tools to publish my website. I used WordPress initially because it was easy for me to set up. I wanted a website over which I had more control and WordPress looked like a good option. At the time, I was not as comfortable with web development as I am now. I could build a website but I didn’t feel ready to create my blog from scratch.

  • Self Dogfooding and Losing Steam

    Posted on: 16 September 2020 | Coding

    There are two types of posts I write about programming. The ones I like writing most are those where I discuss how I built something, or how I intend on building something. It’s fun to explain how I build projects. I like the technical details. This is not one of those posts. This is a post about what it’s like to be a developer. The developer life, if you will.

  • Improving My Website Feed

    Posted on: 14 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    Building a feed for this website has been the longest project I’ve undertaken as part of my site. Most features take a day, or even just a few minutes, to complete. I went into building my site with the mindset that I wanted my site to be simple, both aesthetically and structurally.

  • Social Interactions on the Web

    Posted on: 13 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    This morning I was close to giving up on my micropub endpoint. It has taken a significant amount of time to get the project to the stage I am at now. There is still more to do. I have not yet completed the server deployment. I’m having issues with wsgi that I have not yet fixed. I thought that maybe a command line interface would be more appropriate, seeing as how most of the idea behind setting up a micropub endpoint was to make it easier for me to share bookmarks. I then remembered why I am building the micropub endpoint.

  • Micropub and Publishing Content

    Posted on: 12 September 2020 | IndieWeb

    I have seen articles and posts and messages about micropub a number of times. It’s hard to avoid at least seeing the term “micropub” somewhere in the IndieWeb community. I am still not fully sure how it works. What I do know is that micropub just right for what I want to do with my personal website. One of the biggest problems I have with my website is that it is somewhat laborious to post a new article. I have to create a markdown file with the contents of the article. I have to write front matter for every post.

  • A New Website Architecture

    Posted on: 11 September 2020 | Web

    For a moment a few days ago, I was tempted to build a server-side application for my website. What stopped me from doing so was my memories from building my personal website with Next.js. My site worked. It looked nice. My site lacked one thing. I didn’t really know how it worked. There were too many abstractions away from the code itself. I was often confused about why I had made certain programming decisions.

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