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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • My Experience With Jekyll

    Posted on: | IndieWeb

    If I do say so myself, I’m becoming somewhat of a Jekyll aficionado. I decided to use Jekyll to build this site on what I would say was a whim. I didn’t have a clear idea in mind of what structure I wanted to use. I knew one thing: I wanted the site to be static. My initial idea was to write all the HTML myself but then I realized that would not be practical given how many blog posts I write.

  • Coffea Podcasta #2: The Americano

    Posted on: | Podcast

    In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on having conversations with baristas and on what I have been learning about the Americano.

  • Writing on the IndieWeb Wiki

    Posted on: | IndieWeb

    A day or two ago, a fellow IndieWebber 1 recommended that I contribute to the IndieWeb wiki. The IndieWeb wiki is at the heart of the community. It is a live and growing repository of information about all things IndieWeb.

    1. I am unsure whether this is official terminology. I hope the community does not mind this term. 

  • Coffea Podcasta #1: Coffee Overload

    Posted on: | Podcast

    In this episode, I introduce the Coffea Podcasta show and discuss my thoughts on reading too much about coffee.

  • Adventures on the IndieWeb

    Posted on: | IndieWeb

    I have been interested in the IndieWeb for a while. I took a break a few months ago because it was just something I had discovered. I didn’t realize that it could become something bigger. Recently, I’ve been diving back into the IndieWeb as a source of inspiration for this website. I have found an excellent community of people who are all passionate about the web and programming.

  • Cleaning the Cupboards

    Posted on:

    It’s a Saturday. You would think that I would have a lot of ideas on what to code. I do, but I do not feel like building any of them. I have tired with many of the IndieWeb ideas I have. I may revisit them but I need a bit of a rest. I know that I’m pushing myself too far. It’s time to take a step back.

  • How to Build a More Sustainable Website

    Posted on: | Web

    I have been thinking a lot about web sustainability. In all honesty, I have considered what it would be like to live in a cabin away from technology. Realizing that technology is my “trade” of sorts, I believe that I can have a greater impact if I stay connected to the internet and instead use it more consciously. While it may be impractical to completely disassociate myself from tech, there are ways I can use it more sustainably.

  • Getting Out of a Funk

    Posted on: | Coding

    This year I have learned that I have a trigger that tells me I am not feeling right. That trigger is when I feel bored with technology. This year, I have been both enamored by technology and also afraid of its impact on my life. I have embraced technology and also detached myself from it. After spending many months using technology less than I used to, I’ve started to find what I think is a balance between using tech and doing other things with my life.

  • Quantified Self and Privacy

    Posted on: | Quantified Self

    I am somewhat hyper due to the coffee that I have just consumed. I shall leave describing said coffee for a future post.

  • #30daysofdataownership

    Posted on: | IndieWeb

    One of the biggest parts of the IndieWeb is data ownership. It’s so important that there is a hashtag for it: #OwnYourData. Data ownership is one of the values that drives me to support the IndieWeb. I like to have as much control over my data as possible.

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