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  • 100 Things I Really Like

    Posted on:

    A Macbook Air and French press sitting on a white desk

  • Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee

    Posted on: | Coffee

    It’s almost essential that you start brewing coffee from a humble beginning. I don’t have an origin story where I sat drinking bitter diner coffee into the early hours of the morning. I drank instant coffee for a while but I gave up on it. Instant coffee was good because it felt like it packed a punch. I felt a bit more adult drinking instant coffee than tea, which I had been allowed to drink for a long while before coffee.

  • Missing Bean Peruvian Direct Trade Review

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I’ve been enjoying the Missing Bean Peruvian Direct Trade beans for about a week. I got a small box of the beans from my local coffee shop when I ran out of beans at home. At first, I did not know what beans I was drinking. I recently popped back into my local coffee shop to find out. The beans are from Missing Bean.

  • Why I Love the Aeropress

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I bought an Aeropress months ago. It seems like it’s been part of my daily routine forever. I brew one cup of coffee in the morning and one in mid-afternoon. I’ve written about my Aeropress extensively on my website. I’ve published the recipe I try to follow for anyone who is interested in learning about how I brew coffee.

  • Measuring Coffee with Scales

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I’ve brewed two cups of coffee with a set of scales. On my first cup, I tried to measure the coffee after I had ground it. This turned out to be a mistake.

  • My First Brew with a Scale

    Posted on: | Coffee

    My coffee scale recently arrived and I decided that I’d brew my first coffee with a scale today. This is the biggest change to my brewing process since I bought a grinder almost a month ago. I’ve never measured the weight of my coffee. I’ve always eyeballed my measurements.

  • A Few Site Changes

    Posted on: | IndieWeb

    I’ve not made many changes to my website since I went on vacation. I had spent months tinkering with my website before I went on vacation and a break made me realize that my site does what I want it to. I cannot think of a clear deficiency that this site has that I want to fix. It was not easy to get to this point. I played around with IndieWeb concepts for months before I learned what it is that I do and do not want on this site.

  • How I Learn About Speciality Coffee

    Posted on: | Coffee

    It’s a lazy Sunday and I’m sitting at my window thinking about the world. I’ve spent some time over the last week gradually reading more about speciality coffee. I took a break from following speciality coffee while I was on vacation. I find that sometimes my hobbies can become overwhelming. A break was a good reminder of how fun coffee can be. I don’t need to think about coffee much. I just need to put the time in when I am brewing to make a good cup.

  • Steampunk Coffee's Packaging

    Posted on: | Coffee

    Steampunk is one of two coffee roasters that I’ve come to learn about in more depth than the rest. I’ve spent some time reading about the Scottish speciality coffee market. There are so many roasters and many of them do not have active online presences. I rely on the online presences of roasters because I buy most of my speciality coffee online. I brew most of my coffee at home.

  • Changing My Coffee Brewing Process

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I’m presently drinking Liberacion, a single origin coffee from Union Blend. I’ve been impressed by every coffee I have had from Union so far. This coffee is different. I’ve struggled to detect the flavors written in the tasting notes. I’ve found a few of the cups I have brewed to be flat. This has made me somewhat doubt my brewing skills. I have felt like I’ve taken a step back in my journey to brewing better coffee.

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