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A list of the blog posts I have written. Click here to view this list as an RSS feed.

  • My Quantified Self Journey

    Posted on: | Quantified Self

    My journey into the world of quantified self continues. Now that I’ve started working on projects, I am finding that it is hard to stop. There is so much you can do with quantified self data.

  • Quantified Self and the IndieWeb

    Posted on: | Quantified Self

    I’m back on the quantified self train. I have tried quantified self a number of times in the past but it has never stuck. More recently, I’ve become interested in quantified self because it gives me a lot of data with which I can experiment. While each individual metric may not be useful on its own, over time I will be able to collect a lot of data about myself.

  • Sustainable Web Design

    Posted on: | Web

    I have designed this website with sustainability in mind. Earlier today, I read a blog post by someone who has similarly designed their site from a sustainabillity perspective. It is nice to see more people who are taking pride in making their websites more sustainable.

  • The IndieWeb Community

    Posted on: | IndieWeb

    I’ve been feeling a bit lonely over these last few months. Solitude has done me good. I’ve learned a lot about myself that I would not otherwise have been able to discover. Lately, I’ve grown tired of the amount of time I have spent alone. It’s become somewhat distressing.

  • New Toys and Privacy

    Posted on: | Technology

    Privacy matters a great deal to me. I feel like while the internet is useful, it should only serve to bring about joy in my life. I struggle to find joy in companies that use my data for their profit.

  • Why I Do What I Do

    Posted on:

    Every so often it becomes necessary for me to re-evaluate why I do the things that I do. On a walk with my mother a few weeks ago, I said that one of my greatest strengths and weaknesses is being self-aware. I can spend days pondering my life, just like Epicurus would have wanted if I had been a student in his school of life. On some days, such pondering is necessary. On others, it becomes ardous; a mental burden.

  • Living More Sustainably

    Posted on: | Sustainability

    I have lived a somewhat minimal life for a while. I’ve never been one for extravagence. It was only recently that I have started purchasing more goods. I’ve been investing in making my workspace more aesthetically pleasing. In doing so, I have felt somewhat guilty at some of my purchases. I bought a new mechanical keyboard which, if I am being honest, is noisy and impractical. I have purchased a replacement strap for my Fitbit that I no longer use.

  • Print This Website

    Posted on: | Web

    Post-publication note: Please print this website responsibly.

  • Brewing with the Aeropress

    Posted on: | Coffee

    This is the third blog post I have tried to write today. I’m going to stick with this topic. It may not be the most interesting in the world but it is the idea that I have with me right now.

  • Coffee Brewing and Tasting

    Posted on: | Coffee

    My Aeropress has introduced me to a whole new world of coffee. Every time I have walked into my home office today after brewing my coffee I have been able to detect hints of the coffee I brewed earlier. The flavor was strong; the aroma lingered for a while after I had finished drinking the cup.

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