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  • Watching the World Go By

    Posted on:

    I enjoy people-watching. On my walks, between trying to avoid getting to close to people, I often find myself thinking about others. I sometimes pause to smile. I ocassionally say “hello,” or exchange a similar greeting. These interactions remind me of our shared humanity. Everyone can say hello. A hello can even brighten up someone’s day. You never know, as my mother would say.

  • The Little Joys: Sitting Outside

    Posted on:

    On weekends, I usually have big expectations. Weekends are the time when everyone in my family is free, at least to a greater extent than they are during the week. “Let’s do something big and special!” With lockdown restrictions at ease, I have taken pleasure over the last few weeks in visiting neighboring towns. I do not have the confidence to travel far. Being in new environments has been fulfilling and a good reminder that there is a world out there, even if it may have been hidden for a while.

  • The Inconveniences of Modern Technology

    Posted on:

    It is rare that I have an idea for a blog post before I sit down to write. I had such a typical human interaction yesterday that I have not been able to get out of my mind. It was one of those interactions that was mundane and has probably been experienced thousands of times before. Still, it was important to me. It made me feel alive.

  • Aeropress Blend Number One

    Posted on: | Coffee

    I brewed my first coffee with an Aeropress. My Aeropress came in the post yesterday and as soon as I got it I was excited. Who am I kidding. I was excited even before I got it. This post is being written with some caffeine in my system. I’ve limited myself to one cup so far.

  • Listening to the Radio

    Posted on:

    I’ve just turned off the radio so I can begin writing this post. Ironic. I have been listening to the radio almost every day, with a few exceptions over the last few days, for months. It has been a stable source of comfort for me. When I turn the radio on, music is always there to greet me.

  • Desk Setup

    Posted on: | Technology

    I have been redoing my desk over the last two or so weeks. There has always been a part of me that has reserved making changes to my workspace. When I get into a routine, I like to stick with it. That has been my attitude for a long time. If this year has taught me anything, it is that life is too short for me to delay things for the future. I’ve always said that I’ll redesign my desk at some point. I never got around to it.

  • It's Ok (and Remote Culture)

    Posted on:

    I usually write one blog post per day. I stumbled upon a web resource that I feel merits its own blog post.

  • Convenient Technologies and Privacy

    Posted on: | Technology

    A few weeks ago I decided to “degoogle” my life. It turns out that so many people have been tired of Google that “degoogle” has meaning in a few circles. I get why people may want to distance from Google. For me, it was about taking back control of my internet experience. I like to be the person who decides how I consume content. When I use tools like Google Search, I feel like I lose control.

  • What is Technical Writing?

    Posted on: | Coding

    So, you want to be a technical writer? I do not often talk about my job on this blog. Today may be the first day that I have at any length. I feel like I have some wisdom to impart about what it means to be a technical writer and why I love doing it so much.

  • Keep Going

    Posted on:

    This is the first poem I have written in a while. It is inspired by my daily life. Enjoy.

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