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Coffee β˜•

I have developed a passion for coffee. I am not yet at the level of a coffee connoisseur. I am still a novice. I have just purchased my first Aeropress and I am hoping to start brewing my own coffee soon.

My favorite coffee shop was Costa Coffee. There is a branch down the street that I have been frequenting over the last few weeks. They serve cold brew. It's delicious. Now I have become very fond of an independent coffee shop near to my house.

My Coffee Journey

"Every serious coffee lover has their own preferences" - Me, August 2020

Like any coffee lover, I've got a long and storied history with the beverage. My dad made the first coffee that I ever drank. I did not like it. I think it had sugar in it. The coffee definitely contained milk. I have come to learn this is a common first experience.

For a while, I only drank tea. I liked Twinings, a British brand of tea. After years of drinking tea, I took a two month break from caffeine at the start of 2020. This was somewhat of a New Year's Resolution, I think. I cannot quite remember. I ended up going out for coffees with my dad again and I found a new appreciation for the beverage.

In mid-2020, I decided to get more serious about coffee. I've been reading about coffee in my spare time and tracking the coffees that I drink. I have an Airtable spreadsheet where I keep this log and record my notes of each coffee I try. I am presently brewing coffees with the Aeropress. There are so many variables that I'm not ready to try another method of brewing.

Coffee Preferences

How do you like your coffee, James? A great question indeed.

  • I am currently brewing with the Aeropress. There's so much I can experiment with that I will probably stick with this brewing method for the forseeable future.
  • I like my coffee black when I am brewing at home and with milk when I am out.
  • I prefer my cold brew with milk.
  • I prefer almond milk in my coffee. No sugar whatsoever.
  • I like cinnamon on a cappuccino.
  • I like to try as many new coffees as possible.

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