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Do you want to keep up to date with the latest content on this blog? There's an easy way to do so: subscribe to a feed on my site. The main feed type that this site supports is an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a special document that tells a program when a website (like my coffee blog!) has posted new content. The program, which might be a web tool like Feedly or Miniflux, will then notify you when I publish new content. If you have listened to a podcast, you'll have used RSS. Podcast readers use RSS to find out when a content creator has published a new site. To subscribe to my blog, paste the following URL into your feed reader: []( Your feed reader should do the heavy lifting and subscribe you to my site. When subscribed, you'll never miss out on a new post on this site. I have a few other RSS feeds for content on my site, - Likes: []( - Bookmarks: []( - Coffees I am drinking: []( (not updated regularly) I subscribe to many blogs across the web using RSS. Subscribing to a blog using RSS lets me keep up to date on my favourite internet writers' work, from coffee blogs to tech blogs. If you want, you can also subscribe to all of the above post types using jf2, JSON-Feed, and h-feed, if you would like. Your feed reader may let you choose to which feed you want to subscribe if your reader supports non-RSS formats. *This page was inspired by's blog post called "Making RSS more visible again with a /feeds page." In this post, outlines a new page type that lists your feeds. I chose /follow instead because the "follow" vocabulary is more broad and less technical than "/feeds"*

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