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For the last two years, maybe more, I have used Typora for taking notes. Typora has served me so well. I was more than happy to pay for Typora when they started charging for the product. Typora is simple and has native markdown support.

Now, I am experimenting with a new notes app: Tot. Tot gives you seven pages on which to write notes. I don't think it supports markdown like Typora but that's okay. Tot is simple and does not distract me from taking notes with any fancy features.

What attracted me to Tot is that I can maintain more than one notes document in the same window. I haven't really used this yet but it's something I have felt I need over the last few weeks. I let lots of notes gather in my main to do file and they are hard to sort through. Now I can move some notes to different documents, without having to embrace the functionality of a more sophisticated app like Notion or Obsidian.

If you're looking for a notes app to try, Tot is worth a look. That almost sounds like a paid ad but it's not. I'm just a fan and I have only been using the product for a week or two.

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