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Photos 📷

  • A review of Fortitude Coffee - Newington Road with a description, a 4 star review, and the top of a map, published on my website
  • A page on Breakfast and Coffee showing my 4 star review of Fortitude Coffee - Newington Road and a map showing the location of the cafe
  • Tiziana Alocci showing a slide with nine circlular charts
  • Tiziana Alocci on stage presenting a slide with a blue line graph
  • A conference room with people in the foreground and a slide on a presentation indicating the next talk will be by Vic Lee
  • A box that shows a preview for my IRC archiving tool
  • An arial view of a runway at BER international airport
  • A city scape looking out onto an art gallery on Museum Island, a bridge over a river, and many buildings across the river
  • A German flag in front of a blue sky with some clouds
  • A Berlin city scape featuring a river, the Berlin city hall, a park, and other landmarks

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