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Privacy and Sustainability Disclosure πŸ•΅οΈ


Note: If you have been redirected to this page, it means that you have stumbled upon a document that I am no longer publishing on my site for privacy reasons. Please read my post Privacy, Social Media, and This Website to find out more about my site privacy changes.

I have taken great efforts to ensure the privacy of the visitors on this website. Privacy is so important to me because I believe that you should be able to surf the web without expecting to be tracked. This is not our current reality but it should be. I am doing my little bit by keeping this site small and making a commitment to privacy.

On this website, you will not be tracked. I do not read the site logs for this website so I do not know how many visitors walk by. There are no analytics packages or JavaScript scripts installed. Open up developer tools in your browser and you'll see what requests are made when you visit this site.

I do have Cloudflare set up on this website. Cloudflare does track site views but that is not the reason why I have set up Cloudflare. I use Cloudflare solely for their caching service. While I may peek at the site statistics, I do not intend on using them in any way.


I also believe in sustainability. That's why this site uses a minimal design. Initially, the site was almost entirely black and white. I changed the site to include more colors after realizing that it was a bit plain. Still, I take pride in keeping this website small.

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