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Projects πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

I sometimes like to code. Below is a list of my projects, most of which are related to web development.

Airtable Coffee Scraper (2020)

A script to scrape data from Airtable.

Happy New Tab (2020)

Happy New Tab is my new tab browser extension. It loads a page every time I open a new tab that displays:

Coffea Podcasta (2020)

A podcast about coffee.

Sourcehut Mirror (2020)

An application that uses webhooks to mirror code from GitHub to sourcehut.

No Silo QS (2020)

A Python script that retrives my quantified self information from silos and stores the data locally.

Site Archiver (2020)

A script to archive my site to the Wayback Machine.

Static Quantified Self (2020)

A static site to display my quantified self metrics. This site is now on my Fitness page.

Sourcehut Uploader (2020)

A tool that creates a mirror of all of my GitHub repositories to sourcehut.

Jargon CLI (2020)

A simple utility to view's Jargon of the Day every time you open your terminal.

Site Calculator (2020)

Site Calculator calculates the size of this blog and produces the data into a report. A Sense HAT extension is available that allows me to visualize the sizes of my blog pages.

No Cruft Jekyll (2020)

No Cruft Jekyll is a Jekyll theme based on the last version of this blog. The CSS file for this theme is 4 Kb. Every feature was designed for use on this blog with minimal cruft in mind.

My Internet Home ( (2020)

My personal home on the internet. This site is built in accordance with IndieWeb principles. My site is a place for me to share my thoughts and code with the world.

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